Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My masterpiece.

I am so proud of it...remember I mentioned that I was doing a paint by numbers? Well, here is the final result...not too bad for my first kick at the can, huh?

YAY ME! Pin It

Monday, 29 June 2009

Double Digits

My sweet, quiet Middleman is 10 years old today. My goodness, wasn't it yesterday that I met him for the first time?

Every day, I am amazed by the blessing that is Middleman. Every day, I am more and more proud. Every day, I love him more and more.

Happy 10th Birthday sweet boy. You make my life worth living.

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Sunday, 28 June 2009


My baby boy is 13 years old. THIR-FREAKIN-TEEN! That is crazy! As of 5:23 pm today, I am officially the mother of a teenager. Old bag.

We spent a nice quiet day together as a family today. Hubster took the kids to sign them up for their NHL hockey camp that begins tomorrow and then my Mum took Boy Oneder and Middleman to see the movie "Up". While they were gone, Hubster and I took Threepeat over to Walmart to buy him a scooter...bless his heart...he loves it.

We all met up at The Keg for dinner. MIL, Mum, Hubster, the boys and I. We had a great dinner and then came back home for cake, courtesy of Grandma...Boy Oneder's fav...Caramel Crunch. Mmmm...

I am absolutey exhausted...time change, plus jet lag = tired Dawn. I am going to bathe little man and then head off to bed. Work tomorrow. Ugh.

Happy, HAPPY Birthday to my sweet prince, Boy Onder. I am so proud of everything that he is and will be. Pin It

Saturday, 27 June 2009

And as quick as it began, it's over...

We are just heading out to the bus station for the long journey home. :o(

This will be my last post until I have reached home late tonight.

HUGS and KISSES to you all... Pin It

Leaving home for home :o(

In an hour, we will be heading off to the bus station, for the beginning of our long journey back to Canada.

As always, the time had flown by much too quickly. I hate leaving England. Each time I leave, a small part of me stays, hoping I'll come back again. Luckily, each time I've thought it would be my last time, it hasn't been...yet. I will hold on to the hope that I will return.

Mike, Jen and Mylie are on their way over for a quick last minute visit and then we'll be off.

Hoping you will all say a little prayer for me on the plane ride...I won't go "there" today. Suffice it to say I feel physically sick thinking about it.

HUGS to all..."see" you when we are home. Pin It

Friday, 26 June 2009


I have to admit...I miss my boys.

I have been away for over a week now and I miss them terribly. That's not to say that I couldn't stay here for another month and enjoy every moment, but I would need a big hug and kiss from all FOUR of them to survive another month.

I miss Hubster's little jokes and loving glances. I miss being in bed with him and Threepeat every night. I miss going to bed every night, knowing that he loves me deeply and unconditionally. I'll be glad to be in bed (sleeping you heathens!) tomorrow night.

I miss Boy Oneder's smiling face. I miss his "I love you"'s every night when I tuck him in. I miss his school stories every night.

I miss Middleman's laugh. I miss his questions about the computer. I miss alleviating his little fears when I turn out the light every night.

I miss Threepeat's voice. I miss his bug hugs and smooches. I miss his sweet face sleeping in my bed each night. I miss hearing him act like a Power Ranger. I miss hearing him calling, "Moooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy!" from the bottom of the stairs.

I can't wait to see them...and I will...tomorrow. Well, Sunday for me. England is 5 hours ahead, so when we arrive in Toronto at 10:00 pm, it will really be 3:00 am for Mum and I. NOT looking forward to adjusting back to Toronto time. UGH.

Sunday is Boy Oneder's thirteenth birthday. OMG...thirteen. Middleman's birthday is on Monday...ten. TEN! I feel like SUCH an old bag.

I will post a full summary of this fantastic trip, along with tons of pics once I am home and settled...I have been pampered and loved on and have had SUCH a good time. Sadly, the best trips are the hardest ones to end. :o(

Off to eat my final British meal...roast lamb, roast potatoes, kidney beans and carrots. Mmmmm.... Pin It

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" is dead at the age of 50. I am completely stunned.

I think most people my age feel like they grew up with Michael. He was such a HUGE part of music in the 80's...in fact he WAS music in the 80's. His face was known around the world. His famous moonwalk was such a sight to see and his concerts were beyond words. He began the video era with his long "Thriller" video, filled with amazing dancing, make up and special effects. He was truly an amazing talent...beyond any other musician I have seen.

Through his crazy plastic surgeries, to buying the Elephant Man's bones, to allegations of child molestation, everyone knows of him in one way or another. There is no doubt that he was a very strange individual, but I have always loved him. I believe he was innocent of all charges against him...I believe he was just a childlike man, who loved children and all that children represented...happy, innocent, imaginative, loving...all the things he wanted to be. My heart breaks for Michael Jackson because I don't think, that even with all his fame and fortune, all his talent and his fans, that he was ever a happy person. The one thing he truly longed for, happiness, was the one thing that truly alluded him.

I hope he is at peace now, living with all the angels in Heaven. I hope he is looking down and seeing how many millions of adoring fans he had. I hope he has found true happiness and acceptance.

Michael Jackson will be forever remembered through his God-given talents.

RIP Michael. Pin It

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Great day, great night, great friends, GREAT Britain!

I spent a great day with Mylie and Mike in downtown Bristol...I didn't buy ANYTHING except lunch!!

We had a ride on the ferry boat and we walked 6 miles to the centre of Town. I think I am going to die now.

We just got back from the pub, where we met up with Chris and Aleshka, Kev, Tracey and Jon...ALWAYS good times with my dearest friends. It started to rain (for the first time since we arrived) and Myliekins was tired, so we just got home (9:00) and now, I am going to put my feet up and relax with Mike and Jen.

GREAT times. I wish I could pack all my friends in my suitcase and bring them back to Canada with me. :o( I love you all SO much!

Off to relax... Pin It

My dear friends

Each time I come home to England, one of my favourite things to do has always be to go out with my friends. My friends here would save me from the geriatric party that our visits would always be!

Mike, my closest friend, has been my British chauffeur, site-seeing guide and geriatric saviour for about 25 years. When Joanne and I would come to visit, he would always go out of his way to get us out and about with the other village kids...either to the local pubs, bowling, down to Weston or to the mall. He is wonderful. A few years ago, Mike spent his honeymoon in Canada and we had a great time with him and his new bride, Kathryn. He and Kathryn have since separated and I remain friends with both of them, and they remain friends as well.

Mike's new (well, not so new now) love is Jen. She is lovely. They have a gorgeous daughter together...Mylie...who is 7 months old. Mylie is an absolute doll.

Today, Mike and I will spend the day together with Mylie, no clue what we will be doing yet, but whatever it is, it will be fun. Then, tonight, we will meet up with a bunch of other friends for a few drinks. Mike's sister, Tracey, and her beau of many years, Rich, will be there. Kev will be there, Shaun will try to make it down from his place, Steve and Sarah may make an appearance, I'm sure Jon will be there and Chris and Lee might be there as well. It will definitely be a good time...it always is.

Anyway, I will take loads of photos and share them with you all.

Cheers! Pin It

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Pedicure, sunburn and chillin'

Pauline gave me a pedicure today. She rocks. She has pampered Mum and I like mad since we arrived. LOVE HER!

Today, Mum went out with her friend, so Pauline, Aunite Marj and I stayed home to chill. I had a glass of wine while she massaged, scrubbed and buffed my feet. She filed my nails and put on blue nail polish and then she put little flowers on my big toenails. Did I mention she rocks?

This afternoon, a dear old friend who I knew when I was still living here, Julia Patch, came for a visit. She is absolutely lovely and we had a nice chat.

Now, I am going to have a shower to try to ease the sunburn...OMG the days are hot and sunny here (YAY!) and then another friend, Katie, is coming for a visit. I AM a popular girl, aren't I?

We are having fish and chips for dinner and once again, all is well in the world

Ta ta for now! Pin It

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Believe it or not...

I got sunburned today. Yes friends, I am in England...the rain capital of the world. BUT...we have not had a drop of rain since we arrived. Today was a day FULL of sunshine. We sat in Pauline's back garden for the better part of the afternoon and I am now feeling it! Michelle, an old family friend, came for a visit tonight...it was great spending time with her...she is so kind and friendly.

A couple of notes...it doesn't get dark here until 10:30. Seriously...10:30.

Almost everyone has a cat...they stay outside most of the time.

I am surprised at the number of people who use recyclable bags at the supermarket...pretty cool.

I would love to bring home a little British child. They are lovely and their accents are adorable.

I have about 10 pages left of my book and then I will begin my Sookie Stackhouse series...I'll keep ya posted.

Cheerio for now! Pin It

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Family and relaxation!

I am enjoying myself IMMENSELY. Saturday was Granny's 90th birthday, and the day on which my Aunt Helen and Uncle Terry threw her birthday party. We had such fun.

My Aunt Pat and Uncle Ian were there with their daughter, Alice and her new husband, Lee and their schmoopy of a boy, Joshua. I haven't seen Alice since she was about 12, so, seeing her at 25 was a treat. Lee is such a sweet guy and Joshua is nearly edible!

I also saw my other cousins, Melanie and Mike (Uncle Terry and Auntie Helen's kids) and Melanie's boyfriend, Nick. Mike is about to embark on a world trip. He is starting off in Greece on Saturday and then all around Europe with a friend. Then, he takes off for Japan...ALONE. He plans to stay there for a month and then head over to the States and Canada. His trip will last about 10 months. Incredible. And BRAVE! ALL BY HIMSELF!

It was great to be together with all my relatives and I actually got a little sun....yes, it was sunny enough to be a bit sunkissed!

Yesterday was a hang around the house day...my dear friend, Mike came for a visit with his sweet 7 month old daughter, Mylie. I got my baby fix for the day and loved on her the whole time!

Pauline made a mean roast pork dinner...it was DEEELISH! We hung out reading our books all evening and had a couple of laughs along the way.

Today, we are heading to Exeter for some more shopping. I am looking forward to a specific shop that sells really cool sweaters. I must say, it is a good thing I brought a second suitcase!!!

Good times...REALLY good times.

Here are some photos of my vacay so far:

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=118090&id=515968972&l=283b5c487f Pin It

Friday, 19 June 2009

Shop til you drop baby

Today's Agenda:

Local farm for cooked breakfast, consisting of 2 sausages, bacon, egg, toast, hash brown, fried mushroom and a fried tomato (which I quickly handed off to Mum..ewww..tomatoes) De-effing-licious.

First Stop: Cadbury Garden Centre...spent 115 pounds - approximately $230

Next Stop: Bank

Next Stop: Matalan's...spent 114 pounds - approximately $228.00

Next Stop: Azda. My weakness...spent ONLY 56 pounds...approximately $112


I bought clothes for me, pjs for the boys, jeans for Boy Oneder and Threepeat, toys for the boys, gifts for the neighbs, more clothes for me and a gift bag and card for Mylie.

What a DAY!

I had cheese spread and watercress on fresh white bread with "Sea Salt and West County Malt Vinegar" crisps for dinner. MMMMM....my GOSH I am going to gain 25 lbs on this trip...but do I care? HELL NO!!!!

Tomorrow is Granny's 90th birthday party...I hope to have lots of pics and stuff to tell you afterwards.

Cheers! Pin It

Shop till you drop

I slept like a log last night (from 10:30 to 9:30)...I was completely exhausted!)

Mum, Pauline and I are heading out to the Cadbury Garden Centre today for lunch and a little shopping. Then, it's off to Azda (My ULTIMATE favourite shopping place) and then Matalans for some MORE shopping.

Good thing I brought a second suitcase...I's gonna need it!

More later. Pin It

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I'm alive!

Mum and I made it to England, safe and sound. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

The flight was perfect...very uneventful and I actually slept for about three hours! I watched "He's just not that into you" which was kind of a good movie, but a little slow. Heathrow was a nightmare...the lineup for immigration/customs was atrocious. We waited for 45 minutes to get through. We landed at 8:30 am and caught our 10:05 am bus from Heathrow Central Bus Station with no trouble. We arrived at Bristol Bus Station right on time at 12:05 pm and my Godmother, Pauline, picked us up at 12:30. Just as the bus pulled up, I got my period...3 days early. Sweet. GOTTA love that. NOT. Thank goodness I was prepared. UGH.

We headed to Pauline's house to drop off our luggage and then went right back out again to the local farm to pick up some ham, fresh bread, watercress, strawberries and clotted cream, lettuce and tomatoes...don't hate, but it was DELICIOUS.

We then went over to Tesco to pick up some groceries (chocolates, crisps, wine, magazines...you know...the important stuff). We came home and spent some time chatting in the yard while Pauline's cottage pie cooked in the oven. We had spring greens, runner beans, carrots and gravy with our DIVINE cottage pie...man can Pauline cook! For dessert, we wolfed down the most delicious strawberries and cream I've ever tasted. Add a couple of glasses of wine to the mix and Bob's yer uncle! Again, please don't hate.

Mum and Pauline have just left to take the cutest doggy in the world, Pauline's golden lab, Buster, for a walk, so I decided to come and catch you all up on my day. I am absolutely exhausted and am fighting the urge to sleep, as I must get onto England time as soon as I can so that I can enjoy the trip to the fullest. I called and spoke to MIL earlier to let her know we were safe and had a quick word with Threepeat...he asked me if I went on the "aipane" and if I saw a mermaid...that's still his favourite word LOL! I am going to call to speak to the other boys (and Hubster) in about an hour, once they are home from school. It's 7:30 here right now, so 2:30 in Canada.

I hope you are all well...since Gemma's room (where Mum and I are sleeping) has the computer in it, I have a feeling you will be hearing alot more from me.

Smooches! Pin It

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

T minus 5 hours

In five hours, I will be on a plane, probably just about to take off.

I am, as I usually am when I fly, terrified. My stomach is in knots and I feel sick.

It doesn't matter what anyone says to me, I can't stop the overwhelming anxiety. It's awful. Some say, "Just take a Gravol and you'll sleep all the way there!"...umm...no I won't. Gravol doesn't stand a chance against my nerves. I've never slept on a plane...not for more than a few minutes anyway.

I will notice every little sound, every little bump and I will panic with each one. I will spend the entire time trying to keep myself from absolutely losing it. It will be hell.

But, when I finally do get to England, it will be wonderful. I plan to read, drink, eat, shop, read, drink, eat, shop and repeat several times. I even brought a large, empty duffle bag that I have put in my suitcase for my purchases. LOL. I am bringing my laptop, but not so that I can surf the net...I hope to only use it to download photos from my camera so I don't run out of space on my memory card. Yeah right...if I find an internet connection, I am THERE baby!

Anyway, please say a little prayer for me...I always feel better knowing that someone is thinking good thoughts for me.

Thanks and "see" you in ten days! Pin It

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Tomorrow is travel day...well, night. Mum and I have to be at the airport by 5:30 for our 8:30 flight. God help me.

Anyone who knows me knows damn well that I HATE flying. With every ounce of my being, I m terrified of flying. Thanks to the recent Air France disaster, that fear is tenfold. On that note, why is there ALWAYS some kind of a disaster RIGHT before I have to fly. Damn.

Anyway, I will post again tomorrow because I am not taking my beloved computer with me across the pond and I know how much you will all miss me.

I bought the Sookie Sackhosue series of books today on my massage therapist's recommendation, and I plan to read at least 5 of the 7 books while I am in England. I'll keep you all posted on that one.

Anyhooo.....Middleman BEGGED me to sleep with him tonight so I must run. More tomorrow... Pin It

Monday, 15 June 2009

Pack, Schmack.

I hate packing for a trip. OMG there's nothing worse...well except UNpacking AFTER a trip.


I had every intention of starting my packing tonight and I took out the suitcase from the basement, but alas, I got it upstairs and Threepeat was sound asleep in our bed, so packing was surely going to wake him...so I have deferred packing to tomorrow. I don't leave till Wednesday anyway. ;o)

Boy Oneder won his hockey game tonight 11-10. It was tied up until 17 seconds remained and they scored. BRILLIANT game. He scored two goals.

Anthony, my nephew, was on Much On Demand today. Perez Hilton asked him a bunch of questions about Lady Gaga and he got all but one right! YAY ANTHONY!

Anyway, he won a wristband to the MMVA awards and backstage passes!! WOOT WOOT!

That's it for me...off to bed I go. Pin It

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another great weekend has come and gone. Sigh.

Friday night was a home with the fam night. I got my hair did in the afternoon and it looks great.

Marylinda and the kids came over for a bit and Jordanna had fun in the hot tub with my boys while Francesco and Sebastian played with Threepeat's water table.

Later on, Hubster, Boy Oneder and Middleman watched the Stanley Cup Final while Threepeat and I slept.

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day...Hubster and the boys cut the grass while I pottered around.

Saturday night was GNO...what a blast. I really have to get out with my friends more often. Donna, Carla and Margarita were such fun. I got home at 2:00. OMG...TWO O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING PEOPLE! Fantastic, super night...and go figure...I only had two beers. Ha!

Today, we spent the afternoon at Grandma's house with BIL and the girls. Tons o' fun. The kids all went swimming an Mum cooked roast pork...mmmmm!

The boys and I visited with Maria and her kids this evening and now everyone ('cept me of course) is sleeping. I am headed up now too. Pin It

Friday, 12 June 2009

Five more sleeps.

That's all for tonight.

Woot. Pin It

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Rainy, cold days

So far, spring, 2009 has sucked. Big time. If it's not raining, it's bloody cold! Even the days are not that warm and the sun barely peeks out once in a while. It's really quite depressing.

The problem with weather is that there's no one to yell at for it. Sure, you can curse out the weatherman, but that's just killing the messenger. There's no one to blame, except Mother Nature and she's too busy making rain clouds to really listen.


Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to get my hair coloured. I'm going to stay dark, but maybe add a few highlights...we'll see when I get there. I am on summer hours, so I have worked 9 hours Monday through Thursday and take every other Friday afternoon off, so my appointment is for 1:30. Sweet.

Saturday night is girls' night out. A few of us are going to a male strip club...God help us. LOL. Should be good for a few laughs.

Sunday, we are going to Mum's for lunch. Mark and the girlies will be there, so that will be a nice treat. I do love my girlies.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are very busy days at work and then Mum and I leave at 8:30 on Wednesday night for England. We come home on the 27th. I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with Mum, eating like a cow, relaxing, spending time with Granny and my Godmother, Pauline and her daughter, Gemma, horseback riding, shopping like it's no one's business...I plan on bringing an empty suitcase for said shopping results, spending time with my dear friends, meeting Mylie...my friends' 6 month old GIRL...I may steal her and bring her to Canada...and just laughing. It's been way too long since I laughed out loud and my friends will ensure that I have a blast.

There...I'm not depressed anymore! Pin It

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

January, 2007

I am up to January, 2007 in my cut and paste ordeal to get my posts from Wordpress to Blogger.


This is tedious work. It takes forever and to upload the photos takes even longer.


I won't be switching blogs again anytime soon. Pin It

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

An update on da boyz....and me of course

Boy Oneder is playing four on four hockey this summer. He really is good...he has scored 2-3 goals in each of his games, and has had numerous assists. He has also tried out for a select team and just last week, was asked to sign with them. This means several things...body contact, tons o' dough and four nights a week of hockey all winter. I am very proud of him and I am so glad to see him so confident in himself, but man oh man, what a busy winter it will be! Boy Oneder made it for the 100 metre relay (for the third year in a row) and for long jump. He will compete tomorrow at the Track and Field meet, representing the grade seven boys. He had a fantastic time at Brock University and learned so much about science. I am thrilled that he was a good boy and that he enjoyed himself.

Middleman is playing soccer this summer and Hubster is his coach. Anthony (one of our neighbs) is the assistant coach and Alexander, Anthony's son, is on the team as well. They had their first game last Thursday and it was a nightmare. They lost miserably, 7-3. But, they had fun and that's what counts. Middleman made it for the school's 100 metre relay team and he will be at the Track and Field meet tomorrow to represent the school's grade four boys. Middleman used to be a Club Penguin member, but apparently, Club Penguin is SO yesterday. He is now a member of Moshimonsters.com. Sigh. My little techy gamerboy.

Threepeat keeps us all on our toes. He is fiercely independent and his favourite phrases are "I do it!", "By myself!" and "That's mine!" He talks in full sentences and most people, including strangers, understand everything he says. He is smarter than you can even imagine, remembering things and names after one time and he can eat with a knife and fork...yes, I said KNIFE. He is just finishing up his swimming lessons, which he has been attending with Hubster. He has really enjoyed the lessons and loves it when he jumps into Hubster's arms. Another favourite phrase is, "I go under!" and he dips his face or head into the water. He truly is brilliant. He wears size FOUR clothing. Yes, he's only two. He weighs 40 lbs and is 39 inches tall. He's a bruiser let me tell you.

Mom and I leave for England one week from tomorrow. I am SO pumped about shopping and eating and visiting with friends and family. Ten days with no kids and no hubby...is that bliss or what?!!

Work is crazy busy, but I love every moment of it. I have a great bunch of clients right now and I am really enjoying working with them.

I will soon be 40 (OMG) and Mom is in the process of planning a big party for me. It will be on August 15th at her community centre and all my friends are invited. I am so excited about it. Certainly not excited about turning 40, but the party will be DA BOMB BABY!

My good pally, Karen, is a painter and her Facebook statuses have inspired me. She raves about how much pleasure she gets from her painting and it seems to be therapeutic for her. So, I bought myself a paint-by-numbers called "Darling Angel" and I am finding it so relaxing and tranquil. I must say it is looking lovely and I am excited about the finished product. I will post a photo when it's done. Pin It

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Forgive me mother, for I have sinned...

I came clean with my Mom about something today and I feel like a ton has been lifted from my chest.

I don't keep anything from my Mom, so this little secret has been killing me. I finally had a heart to heart with her today and I am so glad she took it better than I thought she would.

I won't share the deets, but suffice it to say, it was a doozy....but, she loves me. She forgives me and she understands.

I love you Mom. Thank you for being so wonderful. Pin It

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I dont get it...

I have everything I could ever want in life...

I have my three healthy perfect boys;
I have a loving, patient, kind, understanding, giving husband;
I have a loving, caring, wonderful mother;
I have my health;
I have fantastic friends and neighbours;
I have a big house;
I have a new fully loaded minivan on order;
I have a great job that allows me to work from home;
I have enough money that I don't lose sleep at night about whether we can pay the bills;
I have a trip home to England planned for June 17th;
I have everything I want. I want for nothing.

So why am I so blue? I am so, so, so sad...tonight is an extra bad night, hence this post. I have no desire to do anything, no ambition, no motivation, no will power, no nothing. I can't be bothered with anyone or anything. I have no interest in anything except my computer. My house is a sty, my laundry is skyhigh, my bathrooms are a disaster area and I can't be bothered to even think about any of it.

Sigh. Blue, blue, blue... Pin It

Friday, 5 June 2009

Twilight party

Tonight, the neighbs and I are getting together at Franca's house for a "Twilight" party. We are going to watch the movie together whilst drinking wine and eating munchies. No kids. No hubbies. WOOT!

I have seen the movie and was disappointed, but, I am looking forward to discussing the different scenes with my girlies.


Here I come Edward and Jacob! Pin It

Thursday, 4 June 2009

I miss my boy

Boy Oneder's been gone for 38 hours and I miss him. :o(

He called last night to say he had arrived. Our conversation lasted thirty seconds because he said there was a line up for the public phone. I broke the rules and sent him with a cell phone so he could call me if he needed me, but he said he was afraid he would get caught, so he chose to call collect instead...what a good boy.

He called about an hour later from his room, on his cell (snicker) and said that he felt bad that our conversation was cut short earlier. He was on his way to the dance...lol.

Tonight, while we were all at Middleman's soccer game, he called again. He left a message to say that he was heading to the swimming pool and he would try to call me again before he went to sleep.

It's 10:15 and he just called again. He sounds exhausted and said he is having a good time. Bless his heart. He will be home at 3:00 tomorrow and I can't WAIT to hug him and squeeze him.

In other news, I have set up a blog for my oldest nephew, Anthony. He is on a quest to have Lady Gaga attend his 19th birthday party in September and to be honest, I am very proud of his efforts (and results) so far...he has had celebrities like Denise Richards, Carson Daly, Kelly Obsborne and many more send him Tweets through his Twitter account. The publicity is just amazing. Go give him a visit and follow him, like over 15,000 other people, on Twitter! Pin It



Turn up your speakers and laugh your BUTTS off!!

Pin It

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

He's gone...

With a quick peck on the cheek and a "Bye Mom!", Boy Oneder left this morning for his Brock University school trip.

My baby...err...13 year old young man, is away from home for two nights and three days. His first time away from home other than with family. :o(

I'm sure he'll have a blast, but I will worry the entire time he's gone. Isn't that what mothers are supposed to do?

Sigh... Pin It

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


She's still on my mind.

She still hasn't been found.

My heart aches for the Stafford family.

Please keep them in your prayers. Pin It

Monday, 1 June 2009

A brand new....


Tonight, we ordered a new car. Not just ANY new car, but a FULLY LOADED 2009 Chrysler Town and Country.

No...we did not win the lottery. You see, until the end of the year, I am entitled to the employee discount offered by Chrysler. December marks the end of employee pricing. The lease on my Santa Fe ends in November and the new van won't be ready for 6-8 weeks because all of the Chrysler plants are on shutdown right now, so by the time we get the new van, I will only owe about $900.00 on the lease. I HAD to take advantage of the price.

It is FULLY loaded. Two DVD players and screens, leather heated seats, power sunroof, reverse camera, GPS, power EVERYTHING, etc. etc. etc. I have NEVER had anything remotely close to a fully loaded vehicle, so this is SUCH an exciting day! It's my 40th birthday present from Hubster and the boys. Did I mention zero financing? Yeah...that's pretty cool.

Anyhoo, we figured out that we are saving about $15,000.00 with the employee discount and rebate, so we had to do it. It will be my car for a long time to come, so why not go for the gusto, right? It will be stone white with a cream leather interior. Leather peeps....LEATHER.

I am so, so, SO excited friends. Woo-effing-HOO!!!! Pin It

Monday Mumbers

Time again for Kia's Monday Mumbers:

8 - the number of candles of Danielle's cake (7 small and one bg "7")

0 - the number of other "mumbers" I can think of right now...sorry, my brain isn't functioning fully yet. Pin It
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