Friday, 21 July 2006

Why, indeed?

Funny…five minutes after I posted my questions in the post below, I have to ask WHY the hell I am responsible for what happens in the school yard behind me. Why? Because if *I* don’t deal with it, no one else frickin’ will!!! THAT’S WHY!

Many of you will recall my fight with the City and the School Board at the end of June. If not, you can read about it here and here

Hubster and I have to risk our safety and the safety of our property because no one else really gives a $hit. The “powers that be” are all off, enjoying their summer, knowing FULL WELL that there are security concerns for us. What does the principal tell me before wishing me a good summer?

“Dawn…you’ll make sure to keep an eye out and be proactive when necessary, right?” NO! That’s not MY job A$$HOLE! I told him the reason I fought so hard was because I KNEW there would be kids hanging out back there. He simply shrugged and went on his merry, summer-off way.

Here is a copy of the email I just sent to the principal, the superintendant of schools and our school board trustee:

Hello everyone:

I just wanted to let you know that Hubster and I had to call the police
tonight because there were about 10-12 kids hanging out at the portables. There
were workmen in the school yard today, setting up the stairs and placing plywood
at the bottom of the portables and when I went out at about 10:50 this evening,
I saw the kids and heard splintering wood. I told them to leave the school
property and all but three left. Hubster then came outside and told them he was
calling the police and they eventually left. I don’t know how much damage was
done because, of course, it was dark.

I have filed a complaint with the police, in the hopes that we will get
more patrols in the area, however, I am writing this email with the thought

1. The two broken lightbulbs be replaced at the back of the , which I
advised *V* of prior to the end of the school year and which have still not been
replaced;2. Somehow, someone monitor the school via the cameras in the

I will continue to call the police if the kids continue to hang out
here, but I am concerned that the police take so long to get to the school and
this would lead to the portables being damaged. I am also concerned for my
family’s safety if I continue to be the one who chases them off.

Do any of you have other ideas on how we can deter the kids from
hanging out and vandalizing the school property?

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and I hope to hear from you
I know, I was too nice, but the future Ratepayers President in me is SCREAMING, “BE DIPLOMATIC, BE DIPLOMATIC!”

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