Friday, 29 May 2009

Two simple words.

I have a question...

When you do something for someone, out of the goodness of your heart, is that person obligated to say "Thank you"?

What if that person is a complete stranger, whom you have never met, but, in your opinion, you did something VERY nice for them? I mean stretched yourself and sacrificed to help them.

Am I wrong to expect that person to somehow thank me?

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Kate :-) said...

In a perfect world it's always nice to be thanked and it is, after all, proper manners.

But, some people/cultures don't follow that. Also what may have been a big sacrifice for you may have been perceived differently from the recipient, KWIM?

I guess it all boils down to where your heart is at - you know you did something kind for someone, and would have done it with a thank you or without.

Do we get more details?

4 vs 1 said...

Thanks for your feddback Kate. No more deets unforch because I don't want to make them look bad if I was expecting too much.

You are right, I did it from my heart...whether or not I was thanked is not the point. But it would have been nice to know that they received my gift. I assume they did because it was through a very reputable website, but still...

Limey Girl said...

A "thank you" should be second nature to all of us, sadly that is not the case.
But as Kate said, people perceive things differently...not knowing all the details, perhaps this recipient felt they were "owed" or "entitled" to this "gift" you offered.
You could always follow it up with a "just want to check and make sure you received the "gift" I "web-mailed" to you".
This in a subtle way enforces that a thank you would be proper protocol and ensures that (in their defence) they did in fact receive your "gift".
In your heart though, you can feel good about your act of kindness and your thoughtfulness!

mapsgirl said...

I have had this conversation with a co-worker and he said something to me, that kinda made some sense:

Are you doing the good deed so that you can feel appreciated, or are you doing it becuase it's nice to help someone?

It is always nice to know that what we do is appreciated by others, but I think that feeling good in your heart and soul is enough.

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