Saturday, 2 May 2009

Please don't walk on the grass...

Our backyard is a complete nightmare. There are mud puddles and dead grass and dog poop and mud puddles and bad grading and mud puddles and...well, just plain crap everywhere.

Today, Hubster and I took the first step in creating our dream backyard. We cut back my massive rose bush, cleaned up the dog poop and emptied Threepeat's sand table, which had become a mud pit. Hubster fixed the stairs to the deck and I bought 15 bags of 3-in-1 mix for my English garden. We still need another 15 bags, which Hubster will buy tomorrow, but I have my spring bulbs ready to plant.

I bought dhalias, peonies and gladiolas to plant in my new garden. I am so excited about how it will look once everything has grown in.

I filled my bird feeders and the birds were FLOCKING to my garden today!! I saw yellow finches, sparrows and a red-winged blackbird. Of course, those rats with wings, morning doves decided to crash the party as well...ugh...I hate those things.

Hubster took Middleman and Boy Oneder out to see "Wolverine" tonight, so Threepeat and I are chilling here. He is watching "Little Bear" and chomping on chips and dip while I blog. We spent 45 minutes at the park and half an hour in the bath, so we had some nice quality time together tonight. I love that little man!

I made prime rib for dinner side dishes, I made carrots, green beans, turnip and roast potatoes...oh and homemade Yorkshire puds. MMMMMM....

Boy Oneder made it past the second tryout for a select hockey team. He has to return tomorrow, when six boys will be cut and the final team will be formed. I am so proud of his determination...I hope it makes it!

Middleman still has his mysterious rash and he is convinced that he is going to die from it...hmmm...wonder where he gets THAT from? I must admit that it is a weird other symptoms, just this splotchy red rash. Dr. Dawn is stumped.

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