Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday Mumbers

While Kia freezes her *um off in cold, rainy Florida (na na na na boo boo!) I will continue the weekly tradition of Monday Mumbers:

83 - The number of days until my birthday party

85 - The number of days I have left as a "thirty-something"

24 - The number of days until Boy Oneder's Birthday

25 - The number of days until Middleman's Birthday

21 - The number of days left in the 2008/2009 school year

96 - The number of photos I took yesterday

11 - The temperature, in Celcius, outside when I woke up this morning

19 - The temperature, in Celcius, that it will be this afternoon

0 - The number of minutes I will be able to enjoy the sunshine today...I am crazy busy today

14 - The number of items on my "To Do" list for today

24 - The number of days until Mom and I leave for England Pin It

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