Friday, 22 May 2009

Grab a coffee

If you read this post in full and watch the videos, it'll take you a while, but, I think it's worth it.

Remember when children's television was wholesome? Remember when we looked forward to Saturday mornings for the cartoons? Yeah, me too.

Now that Threepeat is getting older and understanding what he watches as opposed to watching the pretty colours on the screen, he has several favourite shows, most of which, well, suck.

Max and Ruby : Ruby is so mean to Max and they have no parents. They live alone in a big house and Grandma lives down the street:

UGH. Threepeat DOES love Max and Ruby. Blah.

Next, we have Little Bear. I don't mind it TOO much, but thanks to Rogers on Demand never changing their episodes, I have seen several episodes a million times. Here is the theme song...I'll spare you an entire episode:

This one, Yo Gabba Gabba, drives me INSANE:

Now, THIS was good TV...

Sesame Street BEFORE it changed:

Uncle Bobby Show:

Davey and Goliath:

The Electric Company (Yes, that IS Morgan Freeman!):

One of my all-time favourites, House of Frankenstein:

Why can't we go back in time to the simpler times? Do you have any classics you loved? Anything you DESPISE today? Pin It

1 comment:

Limey Girl said...

OMGosh...Uncle Bobby... I LOVED him!
Still remember all the words to the Birthday song! :0)
House of Frankenstein...classic! I bought the DVD set for hubby for Xmas, it's his fave!
Friendly Giant was another fave and Captain Kangaroo, Tiny Talent Time, Mr. Dress up...oh what a great time we had as kids!
Saturday mornings in front of the telly with a bowl of cereal as our parents slept in, Sunday nights I looked forward to Tiny Talent Time followed by Disney.
Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!
My kids, thank God, are too old for Max and Ruby etc., but I did have to suffer through Barney with Cait. Thomas the Tank Engine Con and I loved and there was no suffering with that one, in fact we still watch it on occasion ... shhhh!

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