Saturday, 16 May 2009

Gotta love productivity...

Ten loads of laundry done (and still counting) - CHECK
Two bathrooms cleaned - CHECK
Three bedrooms dusted and vacuumed - CHECK
All laundry put away (and still counting) - CHECK
Toys in family room sorted and organized - CHECK
Grocery shopping - CHECK

I had a very productive day I can enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

Tomorrow, we are going to my Mom's church...Wednesday will be the fifth anniversary of my Dad's death and she is putting flowers in the church. It has been a five year tradition that we go to church with her and then she takes us out for lunch at Swiss Chalet. We will visit Dad's grave as well. Tomorrow afternoon, Kath and Bru are coming over with the girls for a BBQ. ALWAYS a good time with them. Mom is coming back to the house to join us too, which will be nice...she loves Kathy and Bruno.

Monday, we plan to finish the gardening...*almost* there. The front yard is looking better and better. We bought our lettuce and tomatoes yesterday, so we have to get the veggie patch ready for them. We'll spend some time with the neighbs too, I am sure.

So, here's to a very productive day and looking forward to a nice relaxing couple of days with family and friends. Pin It

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