Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rashes and gardens and neighbours OH MY!

The day didn't get off to a great start, as Middleman and I paid a visit to the doctor's office. The on call doctor was Dr. M and he is fabulous. He confirmed that the splotchy rash is hives. Weird because they are not itchy. Hmmm...anyway, he prescribed Reactine and said we may never know what he is allergic to. Sigh...sounds familiar, as both Boy Oneder and I have suffered from hives in the past. The good thing is that he is "one of the lucky kids" who just doesn't get itchy from hives. He looks dreadful though, I must admit. Here are a few pics:

Even after the Reactine, he's still very splotchy. Thank goodness he isn't itchy...can you IMAGINE?!

I planted my garden today...yippee! I only planted spring any proud Canadian knows, it's WAY too early to plant actual plants yet. The rule on that is planting AFTER May 24 weekend.

Anyway, my English garden has been started and I am very excited to see how it comes out!

Please excuse the garbage bag and the dead lawn...the backyard is a work in progress! Here are a few more photos of the backyard, as well as the new hot tub:

Tonight, we had a spiducci party with the neighbs. All the kids had a dip in the new hot tub and we had 120 spiducci between us all!!! I think you can see Anthony's spiducci barbeque in the last was DELISH! I made my famous nacho dip and everyone had a blast!

The day was fantastic, the evening was great, and now, I am sure, we are all chilling out after a long and busy day.

I absolutely LOVE days like today! YAY for springtime! Pin It


Anonymous said...

Looks like it could be Fifth Disease.

Limey Girl said...

Beautiful backyard...I love it, can't wait to see the English garden.
Con had one of those mysterious allergic reaction rashes a few years back too...Reactine was the prescribed medicine, no explanation for it's appearance, not itchy and disappeared after a couple of days on the meds.
Tell Nicholas, Con survived and he will too. lol

-lucas- said...

i like your garden. i am trying to set one up for my wife. i like the design of your garden. this is the first i have ever heard of an english garden. best of luck.

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