Tuesday, 5 May 2009


So, it's obivous that Middleman's rash is not hives. We were BACK at the doctor's office today, this time to see our doctor, Dr. L. Although Threepeat now has the rash on his arms, he was sound aslseep when we left at 8:15 so I took just Boy Oneder and Middleman with me.

Middleman is still pretty much covered from head to foot, but I must admit, it's a bit better. An anonymous commenter suggested that it might be Fifth's Disease, so that was the route I took. After researching a bit on the net, it would seem that Anonymous was right, save for one small detail...none of them have the characteristic "slapped cheeks" that is the most common feature of the disease. Dr. L ruled it out, saying that he feels that the rash is an "undetermined viral rash". He explained that Fifth's Disease is also a virus, but there are thousands of other viruses without a special name that come with rashes. He confirmed that they were no longer contagious, now that the rashes were out and that there was nothing to fear or to treat. Their rashes will go away in time.


Gotta love those non-diagosed diagnoses.

I guess the main thing is that they are not in pain and they, for the most part, are not itchy. You will be pleased to know that they have not sprouted curly tails, nor oinked, so I think, for the time being, we are free of the pig flu. LOL...I KNOW the swine flu doesn't make you grow a tail or oink...it's a joke. Ugh. Pin It

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kia (good enough mama) said...

Haha. We're "practically" oinking here, too. We too have a non-diagnosis type diagnosis. "Viral." Gotta love it.

I hope they're better soon!

Pretty new look, by the way. :) Makes me want to switch to Blogger so i can get pretty too...

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