Saturday, 23 May 2009

But for a moment, all is good in the world...

I am sitting on my deck, wearing a tank top and shorts at 9:27 pm. I have my citronella candles lit and my new laptop table on my lap. The laptop table has a little LED light attached to it, so I can see my keyboard to type. I just finished a glass of wine and I am listening to the sound of the water pouring out of our fountain.

For this moment, all is good in the MY world anyway.

I long for evenings like these...Threepeat is asleep, Boy Oneder and Middleman are watching the hockey game with Hubster and I am alone with my thoughts. Bliss I tell you...BLISS.

We had a nice family day today in the sunshine and I expect more of the same tomorrow when we head to Mom's house for the afternoon.

Again I say, all is good in my world tonight. Pin It

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