Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ahhh...Mother's Day

Today was a very busy day, full of cooking and cleaning up afterwards, but it was nice to be with the family.

We got Nanna and Grandma some gerbera daisies and a set of pajamas each. The kids decorated the pajamas with fabric paint and the grandmas LOVED them. We also got them singing cards, which they both loved.

Mom, SIL and I went to Reeve's to do a little flower shopping. I got a clematis, some purple wave petunias and some hanging pots to put them in, as well as some blue fescue to mix into my English garden.

Here's a photo of MY loot:

The peach roses are from Hubster, the blue flowers are from Boy Oneder and the flower pot in the front is from Middleman. The flower pot is decorated and the flowers are "planted" in rice. The flowers are actually pens with flowers glued on the tops...very cute.

It came in this bag:

Bless his heart.

Boy Oneder also made me these boxes, from scratch. He's so thoughtful and so talented:

He even bought me a card just from him.

This card is from Hubster: read it right...he would marry me ALL over again. HA!

So, while I am exhausted, I had a very nice day. How about you? Pin It

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