Sunday, 31 May 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Danielley

Today was Danielle's 7th birthday party. Mark rented a jumping castle and the kids had a blast. I have uploaded some photos of the party. The two dogs are Kibble (Mark's dog) and Daisy, Kibble's sister (Mark's girlfriend's dog). Danielle's cake was made by her most talented cousin, Jenny, and it is a jumping castle with Skittles in the middle. It was amazing...she has such talent.

I miss our big backyard. :o( BUT, I DO love our new and improved COMPLETE backyard...I am SO thrilled with it!! Can you name some of my flowers? Bonus points if you can name the bulbs. HA! Look:

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Friday, 29 May 2009

Two simple words.

I have a question...

When you do something for someone, out of the goodness of your heart, is that person obligated to say "Thank you"?

What if that person is a complete stranger, whom you have never met, but, in your opinion, you did something VERY nice for them? I mean stretched yourself and sacrificed to help them.

Am I wrong to expect that person to somehow thank me?

I need your opinions please. Pin It

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thankful Thursday

Things I am thankful for today:

My three children are safe and sound in their beds, protected by God, our four walls and Hubster and I;

Two heinous creatures, Michael Rafferty and Terry-Lynne Mclintic, are behind bars;

According to my extensive online research, Tori Stafford is not suffering and is in the arms of Jesus;

Tomorrow is Friday;

Our interlocking is finally done. All we need now is grass in the backyard and we are DONE landscaping!

My doggy, Rosie, no longer hops. Her leg is healed. Pin It

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...

It's been raining for two days now, and although my baby grass has grown an inch (literally, no exaggeration) in that two days, I am waterlogged.

Threepeat is suffering from cabin fever, having not seen the light of day for 48 hours and I miss my neighbs. Technically, we could go over to one of the neighbs' houses, but in the rain, it's too much effort. Meh...easier to just stay home.

I took a mental health day today. I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I surfed the net all day, trying to figure out the Victoria Stafford case, went to the Taco Bell drive thru for lunch and sat in the parking lot to read "Karla...Pact with the Devil" for an hour and a half. I came home and surfed some more and then at 5:15, I had a MUCH NEEDED massage. I scarfed down a salad for dinner at 6:30 and made nachos and dip for a function at work tomorrow.

I sat down half an hour ago and put the dreaded "Max and Ruby" DVD on for Threepeat. Man, I hate Ruby. In five minutes, I will have Hubster take Threepeat out for a drive to get him to sleep and then I will continue my detective work online for Tori. I will head to bed at 10:00 to read another chapter of "Karla.." and at 11:00, I will, God willing, be asleep.

I may blog a little more later... Pin It

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I have become obsessed with the Tori Stafford case.

She is the first person I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last person I think of when I go to bed at night. My heart aches for her and for her family. Although the police have told the public that there is no hope that she is alive, a part of me holds on to the thought that maybe...just maybe, she is alive.

I have been reading the Facebook discussion group, refreshing often, hoping and praying for news, but so far, only other peoples' speculations (and some immature infighting) is all I have found. Some of the speculations are fascinating. Some are just plain dumb. But I am a woman obsessed.

One of the speculations that really has me intrigued is one where they think that Michael Rafferty, the man accused of her murder, moved the body after Terri-Lynne Mclintic was put in jail. This theory came about due to the fact that even though Mclintic was taken out with police several times in helicopters and on foot, she was unable to guide them to Tori's remains. This theory makes alot of sense. Unfortunately, if it's true, Tori could be ANYWHERE.

I cannot fathom losing a child. I cannot imagine having that child missing for seven weeks, knowing that the police have told you the child is dead, but holding out that last little glimmer of hope that she is she hurt? Is she hungry? Is she in pain? Not having the closure would be unbearable.

I think part of the problem is that I feel so helpless. I wish there was something I could do to help.


Tori and her family are in my prayers constantly. I still pray she will be found alive, but I pray harder that she will Let her family have closure. Let them say good-bye to their little princess. Those poor, poor people. Pin It

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Boy Oneder

I stare at you through
Tears of joy
And still can't believe
You're my little boy.

Your little toy trucks
Have been tossed aside
Your teddy bears sleep
In a toybox they hide.

You're almost as tall as me
You skate like a star
You're so independent
You'll soon drive a car.

My sweet little baby
Has grown up so fast
The days of your childhood
Will soon be the past.

My firstborn, my angel
From Heaven above
My Boy Oneder, my heart
My inspriation, my love.

--- Dawn, May 25, 2009 Pin It

Monday, 25 May 2009

Midnight Sun

Man oh MAN.

I have finished the Twilight series and have been trying to force myself to stay away from the prematurely leaked "Midnight Sun" on Stephenie Meyer's website, but I just.can'

Apparently, her draft was somehow leaked to the net and Stephenie has refused to complete it. I am on page 64 of 264. I can't stand it. I can't stop reading it. This version is Twilight from Edward's is exquisite. I don't want it to end. :o(

I got Stephenie's new book, "The Host", back from Marylinda because she hasn't started it yet, so that's my next mission, but Oh My Edward, I am falling in love with him again. Sigh..........

I heart Edward. Very much. Pin It

Monday Mumbers

While Kia freezes her *um off in cold, rainy Florida (na na na na boo boo!) I will continue the weekly tradition of Monday Mumbers:

83 - The number of days until my birthday party

85 - The number of days I have left as a "thirty-something"

24 - The number of days until Boy Oneder's Birthday

25 - The number of days until Middleman's Birthday

21 - The number of days left in the 2008/2009 school year

96 - The number of photos I took yesterday

11 - The temperature, in Celcius, outside when I woke up this morning

19 - The temperature, in Celcius, that it will be this afternoon

0 - The number of minutes I will be able to enjoy the sunshine today...I am crazy busy today

14 - The number of items on my "To Do" list for today

24 - The number of days until Mom and I leave for England Pin It

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Another GREAT day!

At 12:00, Middleman and I had a "date". We went to see Night at the Museum 2 at Colossus. It was FANTASTIC! In fact, I would venture to say it is one of my favourite movies. Honestly, it was THAT good.

It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with Middleman too...we never have enough time together, he and I.

After the movie, we headed home to pick up everyone else and headed off to Grandma's house for a barbecue dinner. We popped in to Hubster's sister's house on the way for a quick visit.

We had a great dinner and played shuffleboard together.

Another fantastic weekend gone. Sigh...they go much too quickly. Pin It

Saturday, 23 May 2009

But for a moment, all is good in the world...

I am sitting on my deck, wearing a tank top and shorts at 9:27 pm. I have my citronella candles lit and my new laptop table on my lap. The laptop table has a little LED light attached to it, so I can see my keyboard to type. I just finished a glass of wine and I am listening to the sound of the water pouring out of our fountain.

For this moment, all is good in the MY world anyway.

I long for evenings like these...Threepeat is asleep, Boy Oneder and Middleman are watching the hockey game with Hubster and I am alone with my thoughts. Bliss I tell you...BLISS.

We had a nice family day today in the sunshine and I expect more of the same tomorrow when we head to Mom's house for the afternoon.

Again I say, all is good in my world tonight. Pin It

Some new pics...

This is what six yards of topsoil looks like:

Threepeat, all ready to help Daddy:

Working on the chain gang...yep, we start 'em young in our house:

But we feed them after their hard work...yeah it's McDonald's...EV!

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Friday, 22 May 2009

Grab a coffee

If you read this post in full and watch the videos, it'll take you a while, but, I think it's worth it.

Remember when children's television was wholesome? Remember when we looked forward to Saturday mornings for the cartoons? Yeah, me too.

Now that Threepeat is getting older and understanding what he watches as opposed to watching the pretty colours on the screen, he has several favourite shows, most of which, well, suck.

Max and Ruby : Ruby is so mean to Max and they have no parents. They live alone in a big house and Grandma lives down the street:

UGH. Threepeat DOES love Max and Ruby. Blah.

Next, we have Little Bear. I don't mind it TOO much, but thanks to Rogers on Demand never changing their episodes, I have seen several episodes a million times. Here is the theme song...I'll spare you an entire episode:

This one, Yo Gabba Gabba, drives me INSANE:

Now, THIS was good TV...

Sesame Street BEFORE it changed:

Uncle Bobby Show:

Davey and Goliath:

The Electric Company (Yes, that IS Morgan Freeman!):

One of my all-time favourites, House of Frankenstein:

Why can't we go back in time to the simpler times? Do you have any classics you loved? Anything you DESPISE today? Pin It

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A mix of emotions...

Right now, my heart hurts. Tori Stafford is dead. The news reports are saying that two people are in custody and that thay are now searching for the "remains" of Tori Stafford, as oppsoed to Tori Stafford.

My heart is aching for that poor, innocent little soul who trusted 18 year old Terri-Lynne McClintic when she walked away from her school on April 8th, looking completely at ease. That evil, horrid human being ALLEDGEDLY betrayed an innocent child's unforgivable sin in my opinion. Tori walked along in the surveilance video, seeminlgy oblivious to the danger that was lurking:

Little did Tori know that this heathen was luring her to her death. A man, if you can even call him that, Michael Thomas Rafferty, ALLEGEDLY murdered her. The police are still searching for her body so that it can be returned to her parents, so that she can be laid to rest.

I feel physically SICK thinking about it. An 8 year-old girl killed for no reason. I feel so helpless. I do not know this little girl. I do not know her parents. But I *do* know a parent's love and I *do* know that if this was my child, there would be no rest until I had justice. I am not talking about a life sentence in jail. I am not talking about what our justice system deems "justice". I am talking a good old-fashioned ass-kicking. Torture beyond comprehension. I am talking VENGENCE. God forgive me. If this were one of my children, *I* would be the one spending life in prison. Because, *I* would seek justice the way justice SHOULD be served.

From all accounts, Karla Homolka is living the life of luxury with a bi-sexual (go figure) male porn star/model in the Carribbean. She even has a son...Good to hear she is suffering for her atrocities.

To think that Terri-Lynne McClintic may "suffer" the way Karla Homolka did makes me want to VOMIT.

Please God, force them to pay for their sins. Make them repent. Make them suffer the way Tori and her parents have suffered. An eye for an eye. Take little Tori into your loving arms and heal her from her pain. Forgive me for my evil thoughts.

Amen. Pin It

Five Years

5 Years
60 Months
260 Weeks
1,826 Days (there was a leap year in there)
43,824 Hours
2,629,440 Seconds...and counting...

That's how long my Dad's been gone.

58 Years
696 Months
3,016 Weeks
21,112 Days
1,266,720 Hours
76,003,200 Seconds.

That's how long my Dad lived.

02-20-47 - 20-05-04

I cannot believe it has been five years. That's a long, long time...and yet it seems like yesterday.

I miss you Dad...I hope you are partying like an 18 year old up there. xoxo Pin It

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Kayleigh Anne Freeman

Little Kayleigh's memorial service was held on Sunday. You absolutely HAVE to see her Daddy's videos.

This family has struggled with over $2,000,000.00 in hospital bills. They have lost their home. Please, if you can, click on their blog and help out. If you can't help financially, please, PLEASE keep them in your prayers.

Thanks. Pin It

Monday, 18 May 2009

Victoria Day Weekend Pics

My "English" garden:

My beautiful roses:

The hot tub...notice the bar and stools:

The master gardener..."No photos until complete!"

In other news, Boy Oneder has contracted Middleman's mysterious rash:

Poor kid is SO itchy. It breaks my heart.

All of the neighbs have contributed $31.00 each to buy both fireworks for tonight and Lotto 649 tickets...the jackpot is $49,000,000. Yeah...I could spend that. Threepeat is SO pumped about the "Fiawooks". He can't wait, as he had a little taste from our bedroom window last night. Have I mentioned how great my neighbs are? Yeah...they are THAT great.

Well, dinner calls...bye for now... Pin It

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The joys of a toddler


We had a great day with family and friends. We started off by going to my Mom's church. Threepeat went with Middleman to Sunday School and within ten minutes, he was back on my lap because he had disrupted the entire class. Sigh.

After church, we went to visit my Dad's grave, where each of the boys placed a sunflower in a pot and I put some pretty little yellow flowers beside them. We then headed off to Swiss Chalet for lunch. Halfway through our meal, Threepeat thought it would a good time to poop. Sigh. Hubster and I took him to the van and struggled to change him on the front seat.

The older boys went back to Grandma's house for a swim and Hubster, Threepeat and I headed back home. Threepeat fell asleep in the car, so we transferred him to the couch and I headed out to pick up some groceries...I went yesterday to get all the stuff for tonight, bought hamburger and hotdog buns, but forgot the hamburgers and the hotdogs to go IN the buns. Sigh.

When I got home, Threepeat was already awake. I prepared a little of the dinner while he munched on cheesies and watched Little Bear (the episode he has seen a GAZILLION times...thanks Rogers on Demand) Sigh.

Kathy and Bruno and the girls arrived at the same time as Mom and the boys and we had a nice visit...we had wings, ribs, hotdogs, hamburgers, salads and Mom made a rum cake, which was devoured. After dinner, the adults chit chatted in the dining room while the kids all went to play. As I was cleaning up the dishes, I heard a HUGE "GASP!" from Kathy in the family room. "OH MY GOD THREEPEAT! WHAT DID YOU DO??!"

I came running in from the kitchen and Hubster and Bruno came running from the dining room. Hubster had left his open laptop on the floor, thank God it was locked, so Threepeat couldn't do any damage to the hard drive or send any crazy emails, but...and oh my gosh it's a big but...he removed every, single key from Hubster's keyboard. They were scattered all over the floor. We were stunned. Do you have ANY idea how hard those keys are to remove? He took off every single one! Hubster and Boy Oneder began the daunting task of replacing each key...we were missing several, so we went on a hunt. I found two in his crayon box, one inside a book and two under the couch. Hubster and Boy Oneder went to bed an hour ago and still have half the keys to put back...sigh.

Oh the JOYS of a toddler! Pin It

My little celebrity...

Last year, Threepeat made his debut on my favourite celebrity blog, Pink is the New Blog.

This year, he was back in fine form, as he made his second appearance.

Yep, there's a celebrity in our midst people.

I will be taking reservations for his autograph...he he he! Pin It

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Gotta love productivity...

Ten loads of laundry done (and still counting) - CHECK
Two bathrooms cleaned - CHECK
Three bedrooms dusted and vacuumed - CHECK
All laundry put away (and still counting) - CHECK
Toys in family room sorted and organized - CHECK
Grocery shopping - CHECK

I had a very productive day I can enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

Tomorrow, we are going to my Mom's church...Wednesday will be the fifth anniversary of my Dad's death and she is putting flowers in the church. It has been a five year tradition that we go to church with her and then she takes us out for lunch at Swiss Chalet. We will visit Dad's grave as well. Tomorrow afternoon, Kath and Bru are coming over with the girls for a BBQ. ALWAYS a good time with them. Mom is coming back to the house to join us too, which will be nice...she loves Kathy and Bruno.

Monday, we plan to finish the gardening...*almost* there. The front yard is looking better and better. We bought our lettuce and tomatoes yesterday, so we have to get the veggie patch ready for them. We'll spend some time with the neighbs too, I am sure.

So, here's to a very productive day and looking forward to a nice relaxing couple of days with family and friends. Pin It

Friday, 15 May 2009

Follow Fridays

It's time again for Angie's Follow Fridays!

This week's entry is One Pound Miracle. This blog has touched me like no other. Kayleigh was born weighing just one pound, one ounce. Can you even FATHOM how small that is? The photo in her header gives you an idea. My heart is aching for this family right now, as their little miracle gained her angel wings this week. Her broken body is now perfect and she no longer has to fight.

I am blessed to have gotten to know this family through their blog. Please go and give them some love...they could use all the love they can get. Also, please keep them in your prayers...pray for strength and healing for the whole family.

Grab your button (above) and wear it proudly Freeman Family.

Thank you Freemans for letting me have a glimpse of your litle One Pound Miracle. God bless you. Pin It

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thankful Thursday

Things I am thankful for today, in no particular order:

My boys
My husband
My Mommy
My blog
My job
My neighbours
My friends
The internet
White wine
My laptop
Howard Stern
Sirius Satellite Radio
My Health
Bedtime Pin It

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I have finished the Twilight series


I stretched out the last few chapters of "Breaking Dawn" as much as I could, but alas, my reading is complete.

I am going to move on to "The Host" tomorrow, but I have a strong feeling that I will re-read the Twilight series least once.

Oh my Edward.... Pin It

Wordless Wednesday...kind of...

This post will be wordless (kind of), but I will be full of words later tonight.

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Monday, 11 May 2009



Boy Oneder's team was the 8! HAHA!

Oh how good it feels to be on the WINNING team for once!

Boy Oneder scored two goals...two B-E-A-UTIFUL goals!

Ahhh...sweet victory! Pin It

Monday Mumbers...

Even though Kia is off in sunny Florida (biatch), I think a financial Monday Mumbers is in order.

$250.00 - The amount of money I was given as a bonus for being #2 in the country for customer satisfaction...again...YAY ME!

$0.01 - The amount of money I have left in my bank account, even after said on...

$147.00 - The amount of money I spent at the nursery, on flowers, plants, soil and such

$345.00 - The amount of money I spent at Walmart on statues, shoes, lanterns and such.

$303.00 - The amount of money I spent on groceries this weekend

$1 gabillion - The amount of my Mastercard bill this month. OK, a slight exaggeration, but you get the point

$1,000,000.00 - The amount of money I'd like to win in the lottery.

Sigh. Pin It

Hockey Night in Canada


Boy Oneder's 4-on-4 hockey starts tonight. I am SO excited! I miss the weekend hockey games and the excitement of the game.

The good news is that Boy Oneder's team is going to be a pretty good one this season. It's about time he was on a half decent team...they may even WIN a game or two.

The best news is that my good friend, Donna, won't have to smack talk with me anymore because her kids are on our team! WOOT WOOT! Donna and I will have a blast this season, I just know it!

The game is at 7:15...I'll keep you posted on the outcome! Wish us luck! Pin It

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ahhh...Mother's Day

Today was a very busy day, full of cooking and cleaning up afterwards, but it was nice to be with the family.

We got Nanna and Grandma some gerbera daisies and a set of pajamas each. The kids decorated the pajamas with fabric paint and the grandmas LOVED them. We also got them singing cards, which they both loved.

Mom, SIL and I went to Reeve's to do a little flower shopping. I got a clematis, some purple wave petunias and some hanging pots to put them in, as well as some blue fescue to mix into my English garden.

Here's a photo of MY loot:

The peach roses are from Hubster, the blue flowers are from Boy Oneder and the flower pot in the front is from Middleman. The flower pot is decorated and the flowers are "planted" in rice. The flowers are actually pens with flowers glued on the tops...very cute.

It came in this bag:

Bless his heart.

Boy Oneder also made me these boxes, from scratch. He's so thoughtful and so talented:

He even bought me a card just from him.

This card is from Hubster: read it right...he would marry me ALL over again. HA!

So, while I am exhausted, I had a very nice day. How about you? Pin It

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all you Moms get a little break today...

Enjoy your family, but make some time for you!

Happy Mother's Day! Pin It

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Why don't men understand that sometimes, the best gift you can get your wife is time away from her children?

Why can't Hubster take the kids for an ice cream for half an hour so I can do yet ANOTHER load of laundry.

Why doesn't he understand that when he takes Boy Oneder and Middleman to the movies and leaves me home with Threepeat, that it is HARDER work than when the three of them are here?

Why can't he just put in a little effort in the Threepeat department?

UGH...Men. Pin It

Quelle suprise!

Threepeat woke up at 9:00 this morning....that is something he hasn't in about a year and a half...imagine my surprise when I too slept until 9:00!

That's not even the most surprising part! Boy Oneder slept in until 11:15 and Middleman hauled his *um out of bed at 11:45. ELEVEN FORTY-FIVE PEOPLE!!! They didn't even go to bed very late last night! I think Middleman's rash is wearing him down...yes, he still has the rash. Now it's just on his arms and legs, but it's becoming unbearably itchy. Poor kid. I'll give it another few days and maybe then, will make yet another trip to the doctor.

Threepeat is napping right now. Usually, he wakes up at 3:00, but considering how late he woke up this morning, he didn't fall asleep until 2:00, so I think he'll have a later bedtime tonight...sigh...with the good, comes the bad, right?

I took a trip to Walmart today and got myself some really cute statues and some solar butterfly lights for my new garden. I will post some photos later. I can't wait until the bulbs start flowering and I get my annuals planted (next weekend!) Pin It

Friday, 8 May 2009

Follow Fridays

It's time again to award one lucky blogger Angie's prestigious "Follow-Worthy Blog" award.

Today's recipients are the Proud Parents of Halainah Grace! I have been following their story (and subsequent miracle, Hailainah for some time now and I have to say that their Lainey-Bug is one of the cutest little dollies I have EVER laid eyes on. She was adopted from China, and has made her parents SO happy.

It really makes me sad that they are having some major issues with blogger and their photos, but they are working hard at getting everything back, little by little. Thank goodness, because I love my frequent doses of girly-cuteness!

Go give them some bloggy-love and oggle over their little lovey girl!

Grab your button above Tony and Deanna and good luck with getting your photos back up very soon! Pin It

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gosh, does this ever hit home

As I have mentioned many times on my blog, I was bullied all through my childhood.

I was chased home, cursed at, hit, called names, teased, gossiped about...all because I was the shy, quiet, easy-to-intimidate one. The bully, Angie, used my fear as her weapon. She was pure evil.

This video from Oprah's website, hit home so hard for me. It is only after watching this video that I relaize that I had days when I wanted to kill myself...anything to stop the torment, the terror and the hurt. I thank God I never followed through, but Ryan Halligan did. That breaks my heart. Pin It

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Cut and paste and cut and paste and cut and paste some more

I am STILL working on my cutting and pasting.

I am into July, oh MAN do I yack alot! And I am cutting out most of the crap that I just used as filler over the years.

Why oh why can't blogger come up with a tool to copy posts from Wordpress automatically like Wordpress has to do the opposite???


Back to cutting and pasting... Pin It

One year ago...

One year ago today, I lost my beloved Pampy. Bless his heart. He was the kindest, gentlest, most loving man I have ever known. I can't believe it's a year. I miss his sweet voice on the phone, asking "How are those babs?" I miss his complaining about his health. I miss his "ahem"s and his laugh. I miss everything about him. He was so special.

One year ago today, Courtney, my oldest niece, turned 11. Today, she turns 12. Happy birthday sunshine. Auntie Dawn loves you dearly. I am SO proud of who you are becoming...your Mom would be so proud of you too. Courtney is 12...where DOES the time go??? Pin It

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Breaking Dawn

I am currently on page 428 of 754 total pages of the last book of the Twilight series. Although New Moon and Eclipse were good, they didn't compare to Twilight...Breaking Dawn is *almost* as addicting as Twilight was.

I'm at a really good part and it kills me every night to be up until after 1:00 am reading, but I just can't stop myself!

If you are one of the three people left on earth who have not read this series, you MUST read this series. Read it NOW people. It is fantastic!!!

Excuse me...I have a date with Edward and Jacob now. Pin It


So, it's obivous that Middleman's rash is not hives. We were BACK at the doctor's office today, this time to see our doctor, Dr. L. Although Threepeat now has the rash on his arms, he was sound aslseep when we left at 8:15 so I took just Boy Oneder and Middleman with me.

Middleman is still pretty much covered from head to foot, but I must admit, it's a bit better. An anonymous commenter suggested that it might be Fifth's Disease, so that was the route I took. After researching a bit on the net, it would seem that Anonymous was right, save for one small detail...none of them have the characteristic "slapped cheeks" that is the most common feature of the disease. Dr. L ruled it out, saying that he feels that the rash is an "undetermined viral rash". He explained that Fifth's Disease is also a virus, but there are thousands of other viruses without a special name that come with rashes. He confirmed that they were no longer contagious, now that the rashes were out and that there was nothing to fear or to treat. Their rashes will go away in time.


Gotta love those non-diagosed diagnoses.

I guess the main thing is that they are not in pain and they, for the most part, are not itchy. You will be pleased to know that they have not sprouted curly tails, nor oinked, so I think, for the time being, we are free of the pig flu. LOL...I KNOW the swine flu doesn't make you grow a tail or's a joke. Ugh. Pin It

Monday, 4 May 2009


What do you think? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Thank you Ragan!!!! Pin It


Ragan is putting the finishing touches on my new blog design. It is PHENOMENAL!

Keep watching...I will be unveiling my new blog later today!!! Pin It

Monday Mumbers...

It's time for Kia's weekly meme, Monday Mumbers:

45 -The number of spring bulbs I planted yesterday

2 - The probable number of bulbs that will actually bloom

120 - The number of spiducci we cooked and shared with the neighbs last night

12 - The number of thorns that spiked me whilst I cut back my gangly rose bush this weekend

6 - The number of times I woke up last night

26 - The number of minutes I have been sitting here trying to come up with more for this post...I give up. Pin It

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rashes and gardens and neighbours OH MY!

The day didn't get off to a great start, as Middleman and I paid a visit to the doctor's office. The on call doctor was Dr. M and he is fabulous. He confirmed that the splotchy rash is hives. Weird because they are not itchy. Hmmm...anyway, he prescribed Reactine and said we may never know what he is allergic to. Sigh...sounds familiar, as both Boy Oneder and I have suffered from hives in the past. The good thing is that he is "one of the lucky kids" who just doesn't get itchy from hives. He looks dreadful though, I must admit. Here are a few pics:

Even after the Reactine, he's still very splotchy. Thank goodness he isn't itchy...can you IMAGINE?!

I planted my garden today...yippee! I only planted spring any proud Canadian knows, it's WAY too early to plant actual plants yet. The rule on that is planting AFTER May 24 weekend.

Anyway, my English garden has been started and I am very excited to see how it comes out!

Please excuse the garbage bag and the dead lawn...the backyard is a work in progress! Here are a few more photos of the backyard, as well as the new hot tub:

Tonight, we had a spiducci party with the neighbs. All the kids had a dip in the new hot tub and we had 120 spiducci between us all!!! I think you can see Anthony's spiducci barbeque in the last was DELISH! I made my famous nacho dip and everyone had a blast!

The day was fantastic, the evening was great, and now, I am sure, we are all chilling out after a long and busy day.

I absolutely LOVE days like today! YAY for springtime! Pin It

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Please don't walk on the grass...

Our backyard is a complete nightmare. There are mud puddles and dead grass and dog poop and mud puddles and bad grading and mud puddles and...well, just plain crap everywhere.

Today, Hubster and I took the first step in creating our dream backyard. We cut back my massive rose bush, cleaned up the dog poop and emptied Threepeat's sand table, which had become a mud pit. Hubster fixed the stairs to the deck and I bought 15 bags of 3-in-1 mix for my English garden. We still need another 15 bags, which Hubster will buy tomorrow, but I have my spring bulbs ready to plant.

I bought dhalias, peonies and gladiolas to plant in my new garden. I am so excited about how it will look once everything has grown in.

I filled my bird feeders and the birds were FLOCKING to my garden today!! I saw yellow finches, sparrows and a red-winged blackbird. Of course, those rats with wings, morning doves decided to crash the party as well...ugh...I hate those things.

Hubster took Middleman and Boy Oneder out to see "Wolverine" tonight, so Threepeat and I are chilling here. He is watching "Little Bear" and chomping on chips and dip while I blog. We spent 45 minutes at the park and half an hour in the bath, so we had some nice quality time together tonight. I love that little man!

I made prime rib for dinner side dishes, I made carrots, green beans, turnip and roast potatoes...oh and homemade Yorkshire puds. MMMMMM....

Boy Oneder made it past the second tryout for a select hockey team. He has to return tomorrow, when six boys will be cut and the final team will be formed. I am so proud of his determination...I hope it makes it!

Middleman still has his mysterious rash and he is convinced that he is going to die from it...hmmm...wonder where he gets THAT from? I must admit that it is a weird other symptoms, just this splotchy red rash. Dr. Dawn is stumped.

Until tomorrow... Pin It

Friday, 1 May 2009

OK, heeeeeeeeeeeere we go...

First, let's do Follow Friday. Thanks Angie!

This week's choice is Kate.

I've known Kate for more than 10 years. We have had our share of ups and downs, but I think we have found our "happy place" for the time being.

Kate loves her familt dearly, Kate is funny, Kate is a Christian and Kate is well, she's just Kate.

Whilst I was cutting and pasting my blog entries, I came across this one, which really sums up Kate:

Go give her som bloggy love!`s your button:

Wear it with pride!

OK, moving right along...

We got a new hot tub. A few months ago, we changed our old tub from chlorine to bromine (salt water). Almost immediately, the shell started to blister and stain. Hubster sent photos to the hot tub company and they decided that it would be more expensive to replace the entire tub than to replace just the shell. They offered o replace the tub at no charge, however, for the difference in cost, we could have a new tub with a new 5 year warranty. So, long story short, we got a $15,000 hot tub with a new five year warranty, for $3,000.00. Yeah, I know...awesome! The boys christened it with Hubster the other night...I have yet to partake, but I am excited about it!

Boy Oneder has been trying out for single "A" hockey for the last week. He has attended three tryouts and has been called back for two. He has two tryouts tomorrow and another couple next week. I'll keep you posted.

Middleman broke out in a horrible rash. I took him to the walk in today because my doctor was not available. The walk in doctor thinks it's a reaction to the change in temperature and didn't seem all that concerned. It looks awful, but apparently is not contagious and it's not worrisome. Ev.

Threepeat is a little monkey. He's talking full sentences and is just so full of life. He is such a doll, fulfulling my life every single day. He is just so funny.

Work is crazy busy. I am barely keeping my head above water, but at least the days fly by. I am in the process of having my blog redone and, so far, the test blog is incredible. I can't WAIT to let you see what Ragan has done for me!!

Well, back to cutting and pasting! Pin It


Boy Oneder and Middleman are at Grandma's house for a sleepover tonight.

Hubster and Threepeat are gone to pick up Swiss Chalet for dinner, and I am enjoying the quiet for ten minutes.

I am going to continue the daunting task of cutting and pasting all my old posts over from Wordpress...I am currently up to June, 2006...UGH.

I must admit though, it is nice to read those old posts and see where my head was three years ago. Some of it (ok, ALOT of it), is doom and gloom, but there are som gems in there that I am glad I have.

I will try to post an update on our crazy lives tonight too as well as posting my Follow Friday of the week...will it be you or you or maybe you or even'll have to check back later! Send me some early bedtime vibes for Threepeat, will ya? Pin It
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