Sunday, 12 April 2009

Yet another great family day...

Today, my Mom, Hubster's sister and her family came over for a huge Easter lunch. MIL cooked everything under the sun, and made enough for an ARMY: penne alla vodka, lasagne, shrimp, mixed grilled fish, veal, lamb, rapini, peas and mushrooms, salad, buns, fruit...needless to say, we were STUFFED! SIL brought zeppole (mmmm) for dessert and I made cappucinos on my Tassimo.

The kids played "Price is Right" on the Wii and went to the schoolyard to play and just spent some good quality time together. I love to see them bond with their cousins...we truly don't see them enough.

Middleman rented "Twilight" as his movie choice last night and we are sitting in the family room now watching it. I hated the movie, but maybe watching it with one eye on the computer will make it bearable. ;o) Speaking of Twilight, I am on the last chapter of "Eclipse", which I will finally finish tonight and then immediately following, I will start "Breaking Dawn", which I am told is the best book in the series. HA! LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! I think I already mentioned that I already have "The Host", which is the first book is Stephenie Meyer's new series. Mary, my neighb, is reading it first, so she can give me her review before I start.

Sigh...I am struck by Edward Cullen's beauty...gotta go swoon over him now. Pin It


The Harper Family said...

Ooh girl...

Once you go Cullen, you don't go back! ;)

Love your blog! I too am the only pink in my house of blue!

Sweet Words said...

OH, I'd have to say, I was obessed with the whole Twilight Saga! I have The Host too, and will be reading it soon.

Do you also have that case of OCD!!

Love the blog, come over and visit!!

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