Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Shrinking Dawn

I have once again jumped on the weight loss band with every other time I have jumped on said wagon, I am determined to DO it this time...blah blah blah.

I joined Weight Watchers today...the online version. I had a training session today and the trainer, who I hadn't seen since last summer, looked fabulous! She told us she had lost 65 lbs since July and that all she did was follow Weight Watchers and walk one hour a day. I can SO do that. I lost almost 20 lbs on Weight Watchers before I got pregnant with Middleman and I remember it being not so bad. With the other diets I have tried, like Herbal Magic, you are only allowed to eat small portions of certain foods...that's tough. I was hungry ALL the time. With Weight Watchers, when I am hungry, I can eat veggies...which I love anyway. my ticker up there and wish me luck! Pin It


saira said...

i'm so proud of you dawn! just know that you have my unwavering support and that i believe in you.

now....when are we going to have a date??? would love to come and see the family for a visit.

love me xoox

Limey Girl said...

Weight Watchers on can I do this with you...we can support and encourage each
Cait and I declared that we would start a one hour/day walking program this weekend together....I want to lose 20lbs before bikini season starts!

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