Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Did you know that "almost 13 year olds" know EVERYTHING?

Did you know that, according to my "almost 13 year old", reading is not necessary for a university education?

Did you know that my "almost 13 year old" is going to be an engineer because he is so advanced in math?

Did you know that high school is where my "almost 13 year old" thinks that university prep begins?

Did you know that if your parents piss you off, my "almost 13 year old" feels that he could leave and live on his own?

And finally, did you know that according to my "almost 13 year old", I am the WORST mother in the world?

Yeah...me neither.

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Limey Girl said...

One day he will thank you! xo
In the meantime, while we wait for our spawn to come to the realization that we have the life experiences to know of what we preach, we will console each other, compare horror stories and drown our woes in copius bottles of wine!
We can start on Friday!

kestrel said...

You are not alone. My thirteen year-old tells me I am so last season and calls me the Royal Pain. "You have to Chill, mum." Her daddy is the BEST. What do I do???

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