Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My husband is a SICKO

No, no, no...not THAT kind of sicko.

He has been in bed for three days (NO, not for THAT reason) UGH...maybe YOU are the sicko.


He started feeling "off" on Friday night. Nothing major, just not right. Saturday was the same...just blah.

Sunday morning, Threepeat's birthday party day, he felt really bad in the morning. He took two Advils and suffered through the party...what a trooper. He even took Middleman to buy some running shoes after the party. By the time he got home at about 2:00, he looked like death. He went straight to bed. He got up at about 6:30 for half an hour, but suffered the whole time, so he went back to bed at 7:00. I drove over to the drug store to get him some Tylenol Flu and I didn't see him again until I got home from mu client's office yesterday afternoon. He was still in bed. His fever was 103 and change and he really did look awful.

Fast forward to this afternoon and he was getting worse. I checked his temperature and it was 103.9. That was at 3:30. I immediately called the doctor and got him in for a 5:00 appointment. The doctor examined him and everything checked out ok, but because it had been three days of a high fever, he ordered a blood and urine test. We went down to the lab right away, so we should have results by Thursday at the latest. So, he either has a virus or some kind of bacterial infection that is not obvious...UTI or prostate gland infection. The cultures will tell.

Until then, he is suffering through chills, cold sweats, fever, aches, headache, fatigue and just plain rotten-ness. Poor dude. Pin It

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Limey Girl said...

Poor baby! :0)
Hope everything is ok and he's back on his feet again soon!

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