Thursday, 23 April 2009

Murphy's Law

Whatever can go wrong, WILL go wrong. Man oh man people...this is the week from hell!


Hubster got sick.
Boy Oneder got sick.
I messed up a client's database with a stupid mistake.
I messed up a SECOND client's database with the SAME stupid mistake.
Rosie ripped all the ligaments AND cartiledge (sp?) in her right knee. Oh yes, your read that right. Remember her accident in April of 2007? Yeah...that was her LEFT knee. Now she's a complete cripple.
I got my period.
I have a pimple on my nose.
There is no tool to import my wordpress blog to this one, so I have been cutting and pasting each one, one by freaking one. I am up to May, 2006. you have ANY idea how much cutting and pasting I still have to do? Crap.



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Limey Girl said...

Ok we live in some sort of twilight zone....Murphy's Law huh....I live it!LOL
While, knock on wood, (I'm knocking on my head) we have no sickies (medically speaking, not accounting for psychologically) in our family.
No client's data bases to mess up, but busy and stressed with event planning for our biggest work event of the year.
Our puppy face has also buggered her leg AGAIN (old injury)running wild in the backyard and the creek, she keeps thinking she is still a puppy and not approaching her 9th birthday. :0(
Period-ditto grrrr
No pimple but,grey hairs peaking thru and no time to go to the stylist
And finally, my advice is that you find someone to do the blog transfer, surely there's such a person who can do that for you?!
Hope you have a great weekend, the weather at least should lift your spirits, I'm hoping for the same! xo

Kia (good enough mama) said...

See? That's why I'm afraid to leave wordpress. It's torturous, isn't it? Ack. I'd love to be able to put some ads on but the thought of spending hours upon hours cutting and pasting so that I can make $0.05/day isn't really appetizing...

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