Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday Mumbers

Yes folks, it's time for Kia's Monday Mumbers again. Gosh, I hate Mondays.

24,530 - The number of calories I think I have consumed today.

101.9 - Boy Oneder's temperature when he went to bed tonight.

4,562 - The approximate number of istock photos I went through tonight.

5 - The number of istock photos I finally picked for my new blog header.

7,521 - The approximate number of digiscrap kits I looked at tonight.

1 - The number of digiscrap kits I chose for my new blog layout.

12 - The number of times I cursed whilst perusing said istock photos and digiscrap kits.

7 - The number of days, so far, that I have been bleeding to death.

15 - The number of towels I ordered online from Sears today.

2 - The number of client appointments I have tomorrow...each one on opposite sides of the City.

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1 comment:

kia (good enough mama) said...

15 towels, huh? you planning on opening a hotel? hahahaha

7 days of bleeding to death = total insanity. been there. get yourself checked out!

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