Monday, 13 April 2009

Monday Mumbers

Well, it's another Monday and it's time for Kia's game, Monday Mumbers!

2 - the number of coffees I have had today

2 - the number of bagels I ate for lunch (my bad)

63 - the number of times I cursed today because I was the only one up and at 'em...Hubster and the kids are off today

7,354 - the number of hits on my blog right now

5 - the number of days until my baby turns 2. (sob)

3,584,087 - the number of calories I consumed this weekend

0 - the amount of chocolate I ate this weekend

4 - the number of days until Karen and I exploit men

220 - the number of minutes I wasted on a client project that was totally lost and I have to redo by tomorrow at 1:00 pm

1,357 - the numer of times I have been beckoned today: "Mom!" "Mooooommmmmyyyyy!" "Dawn!" "Mother!" "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!" I love it really, but after the 1,000th time, I was ready for a break

0 - the number of breaks I got today

84 - the age that I feel right now Pin It

1 comment:

kia (good enough mama) said...

2 coffees, huh? Sounds like maybe you needed 22! :) And you only feel 84? You're lucky. I'm at least 97 today...

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