Monday, 6 April 2009

Monday Mumbers

Here's my Monday Mumbers...thanks Kia!

1 - the number of pounds I have lost without even srarting Weight Watchers...LOL! Today is day one.

8 - The number of points I have eaten so far today.

13 - The number of points I have left for today.

2 - The number of points for a glass of wine.

12 - The number of points I am saving for my wine tonight LOL! (I have a school council meeting) I'm kidding peeps...I'll only save 10. ;o)

3 - The number of bottles of water I have sucked back so far today.

3 - The number of bottles of water I still have to drink today. Ugh.

394 - The number of times I have peed today.

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1 comment:

kia (good enough mama) said...

Ah, the lovely peeing at 2 minute intervals. Don't you love it? I'm with you today. I've been slacking on my water intake so I figured today was a good day (snow day) to get back on track that way!

Thanks for playing Monday Mumbers! :)

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