Saturday, 11 April 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly....

We spent the afternoon and evening at Mom`s house today. She cooked up a MEAN turkey dinner and we all pigged out. Boy Oneder had THIRD helpings!!! Needless to say, the three and half pounds I lost last week have probably returned. Who cares...I enjoyed every bite.

My girlies were there with BIL and Liza, their former nanny, who is now like family, even though she works for another family. I love spending time with the girls...seeing Joanne live on through each of them is truly amazing.

C is such a little lady. She's growing like a weed and is just so mature. She is a little mommy to her sisters and the love is so abundant among the three of them. C looks more and more like Joanne every time I see's crazy!

R is attached to BIL's hip 99% of the time. She is so like Joanne in her personality that it's scary sometimes. Her mannerisms and her character are her mommy's clone. She is very quiet and subdued, but so much more loving lately.

D told us today that she only remembers Joanne because of photos and that she has no "real" memories of her mommy. That stung. Although we knew that she was too young when Joanne died to really retain much (she was only three), it still hurts to hear her say it. I hope she is able to deal with that as she gets older. I don't know what's have memories of someone you loved and lost or to not remember them at all. So sad. She is a little doll and her giggle is infectious!

We spent lots of time with Lucy, my dog-sister tonight because she is leaving tomorrow. My Mom found it very hard to cope with a puppy all by herself, especially since she doesn't have a fenced yard. Mom's best friend's cousin is taking her. She is going to be loved and doted on, but it's hard to see her go. She is SO cute and cuddly. I'll miss her alot.

The weather was nice and sunny, but very cold, so we spent all our time in Grandma's house.

Another great day.

Happy Easter everyone! Pin It

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