Saturday, 4 April 2009

Baby it's COLD outside!

What a horrible day! Gray and cold and man oh MAN it was windy! I went to Walmart to do the groceries and nearly got blown away! Honestly, the wind was wicked! And cold! At least the rain that lasted almost 24 hours has stopped. Crazy weather.

Mom and Lucy slept over last night. It was a rough day and I wanted Mom to be with us for the night. We went to Vaughan Mills for some retail therapy and then headed back home for a nice chit chat before bed. Mom and Lucy left early this morning so that they could be home to meet with the girlies, who joined Middleman and Mom for a movie. They saw Monsters vs Aliens in 3D and they all loved it.

Boy Oneder stayed home with Hubster to get the bike ready for its new owner. Yes, you read that right, Hubster sold his beloved motorcycle. Since Threepeat arrived, Hubster really hasn't ridden the bike alot anyway, so, he came to terms with the fact that the money from the bike would come in handy, not to mention that my spot in the garage is now open! LOL.

Tonight, Hubster and Boy Oneder went to a movie themselves ("I Love You Man") don't EVEN get me started on the inappropriateness of that movie for Boy Oneder...EV...Hubster is in the dog house for it. ANYHOOOO...Middleman, Threepeat and I played with Threepeat's kitchen...Nanna ate TONS of plastic food tonight LOL and now, we are all taking turns at Price is Right on the Wii.

So, a great family day, although the weather was crap.

Tomorrow, we are babysitting Lucy while Mom goes out with her friend for the day...I am sure I will sleep well tomorrow night...Lucy is FULL of energy! The weather is supposed to be sunny, but cold. Gah. Oh well, the sunshine will make the day seem brighter anyway.

P.S. I won a donut from Tim's today and threw it away in disgust. Tim's donuts are vile. Why can't I win a car? A TV? A coffee???!!! Pin It

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