Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Let the fun begin

Threepeat is almost back to normal. He’s eating much less than usual, but he’s eating...that’s all I care about at this point.

We went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure for the day and everyone had a blast. The weather is still cool, but it was perfect “park weather”. Boy Oneder rode the Hulk and then BEGGED me to go on with him for his second ride, so I caved...and LOVED it! What a ride! Threepeat rode with me on “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” while Boy Oneder and Middleman rode in another fish. Threepeat wasn’t sure about the whole concept at first. When the song sang, “Up! Up! Up!” you are supposed to move the lever up so the fish car thingy goes up. Well...Threepeat changed the song and each time I raised us up, he yelled, “Down! Down! Down!” It was too funny. Then we all rode on the Cat in the Hat’s ride (MIL included). Threepeat liked that one better. I guess he’s like his Daddy...afraid of heights.

Threepeat had a good nap today while Boy Oneder and Middleman rode “Duelling Dragons”...a freaky looking roller coaster duo that makes you think that the two trains will collide. Very cool concept.

I caught the sun a bit today. Because it was cool, I didn’t feel the burn...just my forehead though and just pink...not fried like I usually get.

We got the kids “Thing” t-shirts which I wanted last year, but never got around to buying. I got a great shot of them wearing their new tees:

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner and Threepeat ate almost a whole bowl of penne and then some of Hubster’s spaghetti (he DOES love his pasta) and created havoc by running around like a mad boy. I swear the other two were never as rambunctious as him. Middleman had mac and cheese, Boy Oneder had a pizza, MIL and Hubster had spaghetti and meatballs and I had grilled salmon. I really don’t see what Hubster loves about Olive Garden so much. The food sucks. Blah.

Threepeat had a big poop when we got home (first one of the day) and it has a little more consistency, so that’s looking good. Again, no more vomitting...knock on wood.
When we got home, it was 54 degrees outside...Boy Oneder announced that he was going swimming. He is mental. He and Middleman get their trunks on and head outside. I can hear Middleman protesting all the way, saying it’s too cold and Boy Oneder trying his best to talk him into swimming. Middleman, being the smart one, tells Boy Oneder to get in first. When he sees that Boy Oneder is shivering and getting in very slowly, Middleman dips his toe in for a test and announces, “MOM! LET ME IN THE DOOR! BOY ONEDER IS CRAZY!” (Our back door to the pool has an alarm which requires that you push a button every time you open the door to protect kids from wandering out when no one is looking and Middleman can’t reach it – LOL) Within two minutes, Boy Oneder comes in and states shyly, “ it’s not as warm as I thought it would be.” LOL!! Too funny.

The sun and fresh air totally knocked Threepeat out. He fell asleep at 8:00. It’s now 10:02 and I am going to join him in slumberland! That’s it for today...a great, HEALTHY day!!

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim:
Day One: Large: Please play again.
Day Two: Large: Win a Coffee - WOOT!
Day Three: Large: Please play again.
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Karin said...

Wow what a rocky ride the past few days have been for you. Glad that Julian is feeling better and that you guys are able to enjoy some of your time down there. Hopefully it's over now for both him and Joe. Have fun!

The Rocca's said...

I'm very glad/happy things are on the up!!!!
Enjoy your vacation!!!

Rocca's said...

Hope everything is back to normal and you can enjoy your vacation.
Have fun guys!!!

Rocca's said...

LOVE your shirts!!!!!
Were is THING 4,5,& 6?

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