Sunday, 29 March 2009

Gotta love productiveness!!

WOW I had a productive day!! Hubster took all three kids out late this morning so that I could clean the bathrooms, dust and do some laundry. PTL! I got SO much accomplished! YAY ME!

I still have a ton of laundry to get through, but walking by the boys' rooms and walking into mine is no longer a source of major stress! I can see the floor in all three bedrooms and it feeeeelsssss gooooooooood!

This afternoon, we all went to Walmart and I got to see Threepeat's devilishness in action. He purposely runs away and then hides behind racks of clothing or aisles of merchandise. He actually grabbed a shopping basket, dragged it behind him, waving all the time and yelling, "Bye!!! Me shopping now! BYeeeeeee!" Little brat. He found his way over to the greeter, a little old man who was the cutest thing ever. Threepeat handed over his basket to the greeter and the greeter gave him six smiley stickers. Thanks Mr. Greeter Guy. Way to encourage bad behaviour. After he got his stickers, of course, Threepeat had to run back to Boy Oneder, Middleman and Hubster to show them off. As we left, he kept asking, "Where Mr. Man go?" When we got to the door, he noticed the greeter and ran over to give him the BIGGEST hug ever. Mr. Man was very pleased. He told me, "That's one great kid you have there!"

Another great day. Life is good. Pin It

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