Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Better day

We took the kids to a Go-Kart Funpark today and they had a blast. Middleman is “this” much away from being tall enough for riding alone, but alas, he had to ride with Hubster. He had such fun anyway. Boy Oneder rode alone and even got to ride on the “slick” track. Good times.

Threepeat had his first ride on a carnival ride...a jeep.

At first, he kept saying, “Done? Done?” with his deer in the headlight look, but after a few minutes, he loved every second! He had a couple of Biter Biscuits at the park and then slept on the way home. He slept for over an hour and when he woke up, refused my rice with tomato sauce concoction, and began his routine of begging for penne. He won. He ate a plate of penne in record time and smiled the whole time. Bless his heart. I hope I won’t regret that later. Sigh.

The weather is really cool and will be again tomorrow. No more rain in the forecast though, so I think Busch Gardens is in order for tomorrow. We’ll see. I am just glad to see Threepeat’s diapers wet and his smile back. Thank you Jesus.
That’s all for now. I have to get back to getting my ass kicked in pool...by Middleman. Yes...my nine year old pool shark.

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim:
Day One: Large: Please play again.
Day Two: Large: Win a Coffee - WOOT!
Day Three: Large: Please play again.
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