Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Another scare...

Tonight, at around 7:30, Threepeat threw up...alot. The panic that I feel is indescribable. Here we go again. We had SUCH a good day and now, all our hard work of sips and small bites is lost. We are back to the drawing board.

Hubster and MIL took the kids to 7/11 for a Coke Slushie. I am hoping that the slushie turns out to be a real lure and that he drinks some. While they are gone, my mind is racing with what ifs. I have peace of mind that the hospital is five minutes away, but terrifying fear that we will spend another whole day at the hospital. My poor baby.

He begged me for a bottle at bedtime, so I gave him a couple of ounces of Enfagrow. Let’s hope he keeps it down. He also keeps looking at me with puppy dog eyes, saying “Home? Home?” My heart is aching.

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim:
Day One: Large: Please play again.
Day Two: Large: Win a Coffee - WOOT!
Day Three: Large: Please play again.
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