Thursday, 5 February 2009


OMG. What a FANTASTIC book. Honestly peeps, I cannot put this thing down! I ordered the rest of the series from yesterday becuse I don't want even a day to pass between my pages! I am starting Chapter 22 and the suspense is KILLING me!

I highly recommend this book. It is honestly the best book I have ever read. The storyline is fascinating and, for those of you who have read it, you will understand when I say that there are parts where I am ACHING for Bella and Edward to just GET ON WITH IT and get passionate! LOL! Swoon. I think I love Edward. I don't care if he's a blood-sucking vampire.


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Anonymous said...

"OMG"? I thought you were a Christian..???

Dawn said...

OMG..can mean many things.

Oh my goodness
Oh my gosh

Use your name next time you gives you more credibility.

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