Friday, 20 February 2009

Twilight review (may be some spoilers) promised, I am going to post my review of "Twilight".

Perhaps the movie isn't SO bad, because Hubster, who I dragged along, because I could NEVER go to a movie alone, quite enjoyed it. I think that the problem is that I read the book, let my imagination create the visuals for me, and then saw the movie, which was directed through someone else's eyes.


The makeup was TERRIBLE. The vampires are supposed to be very pale, but the caked on white makeup was almost clown-like. Bella, who didn't seem to have any whitening make up, was paler than all of the vampires.

Speaking of Bella, she couldn't act to save her life. There are several scenes where she is supposed to cry, and even though she strained and got all dramatic TRYING to cry, no tears were shed. She is beautiful, but TOO beautiful. She is FAR more beautiful than the other vampires, who are supposed to be stunningly beautiful. With the exception of Alice and maybe Carlisle, all of the other vampires were downright UGLY! Victoria, whose beauty astonished Bella in the book is, in my opinion, repulsive!

There is a scene where Edward shows Bella why he stays out of the sun. In the book, Stephenie Meyer, the author, describes him as absolutely brilliant. Glistening with prism colours and diamonds, etc. etc. In the movie, he has some sparkly crap all over him that makes him look like he is crawling with bugs. TOTALLY not what I had envisioned.

Many parts of the book were skimmed over. For instance, Mike Newton's massive crush on Bella was simply a few smiles and glances in the movie. Eric, in the movie, is CHINESE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! Who would EVER have thought that he was Chinese, not to mention one of the most affeminate boys I have ever seen. Ugh.

Edward is SO not as beautiful in the movie as he is in the book. Throughout the movie, he is scowling and frowning, not really showing the love for Bella that he shows in the book.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Don't waste your money. Re-read the book instead. Pin It


Limey Girl said...

You've convinced me...I'll wait for the DVD. Having seen posters on C8's wall of Edward and Bella and now seeing the links of the other vamps, I see what you mean...they in no way can compare to how Stephanie described them in the book.
What happened to the magic of movies? Poor directing?
Thanks for the heads up!
I'm struggling thru New Moon, it's not as good as Twilight.

Sweet Words said...

I have to say, I own the movie... BUT I loved the book WAY more. And you have a lot of valid points about the movie that I have to agree with. I thought that there would be more emotion betwee Bella & Edward. They rushed through the movie, skipped parts from the book. My Hubby and I saw it in the theater and he constantly had to tell me to shut up, because I kept saying "this is missing" or "urg". I love all the books, and to Limey Girl, I stuggled through New Moon too. I just wanted Edward to come back!!!!!!!

Love the Blog!

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