Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I have been stewing for a couple of days. I want to let it go, but I can't, so heeeeeeeeere I go....

In my mind, I am a Christian. I believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus died for our sins. I believe that if *I* believe in Jesus, I will go to Heaven.


I also believe that if you are Jewish, Hindu, Buddist, etc.etc.etc., and you live according to whatever "God" you believe in and that God is a good God, you will meet me in Heaven some day.

None of us is perfect. Everyone has faults. If you try to be a good person, according to what YOU have been taught, I believe that you will go to Heaven. I have to say that the "Christians" who are holier than thou and choose to judge, preach and condemn are sadly mistaken. Jesus accepted everyone...lepers, whores, murderers, sinners. He accepted.

What gives YOU the right to judge me for what YOU think is wrong? You don't even KNOW that I was referring to "God" in my OMG post. You judgemental, opinionated SOB. Who made YOU the perfect human to judge other people? Do you think that you are better than me? I think NOT. Think of YOUR sins. I know EXACTLY who you are and I know that you are FAR from perfect.

I cut ties with you. Now stop stalking me and leave me ALONE. Your Heaven is not the place that I want to be ANYWAY. I don't need your salvation TYVM.


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Karin said...

Sweetie - - don't sweat the small stuff. No need to clutter your blog with negative emotions. Your blog is a happy, sunny place - -

shake it off and try not to dwell on the minor annoyances in life. No matter who or what they may be.


mapsgirl said...

I'm with Karin.

Try to be at peace with what you know is right.

And the good thing about being the owner of a blog, you can choose to delete comments you don't like. And if people have a problem with that then they can take a hike.

As soon and I can gather all the info I need (I'm waiting on something to be posted on another site), I'm going to blog about something that might help you.

This topic of God and Heaven and who goes has come up a lot lately. Or a least it has been more obvious to me lately and I'm feeling compelled to blog about it.

Find peace in your relationship with Jesus. And push the delete button.

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