Thursday, 12 February 2009

Picture time

The view from my bedroom window just now....rain, rain, rain...but I LOVE IT!!! I can actually see GRASS!!!! It's supposed to snow again tonight, so I will take in the greenish brownness of it all while I can.

Bunk Beds! Here are Threepeat and Middleman's new beds...well, right now, Boy Oneder and Middleman are using the bunks, but eventually, it will be Middleman and Threepeat. We love them, but they are SO hard to make up in the morning!!:

My artistic creation for the boys' doors:

Threepeat and Middleman's new chests to match the bunk beds:

Boy Oneder's room...a work in progress:

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Amy said...

Hey Dawn, I don't know where to email you but you asked what Bible I'm reading. The Chronological one is from it's colorful on the front and has 24/7 on the front. It's the ONE YEAR Chronological bible by Tyndale. It's the NLT version. I'm really enjoying it!!!!!

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