Tuesday, 10 February 2009


*Disclaimer* My use of "OMG" is not meant to be non-Christian, as my dear "anonymous" friend chose to point out the other day. I am using OMG to say Oh My Gosh. Phew. Thank you Anonymous Crusader...Now, I will go to Heaven afterall (rolls eyes).


As I was saying...


I have never experienced pain like I have had for the last few days...not even labour compares. I was seriously nauseous from the agony that was eminating from my left lower back. Today, it's better, but by no stretch 100%. Advil, hot water bottles and rest have been my BFFs for three days.

In other news, I am on Chapter 4 of "New Moon" and I am very, very upset at the storyline. My heart broke last night as I read about Edward's family's decision and I am hoping that it won't be long before my heart is happy again. Poor Bella. Poor Edward.

The woman at Tim Horton's messed up my coffee AGAIN this morning. How difficult is it to make a coffee? I asked for a large, one cream, two sugar. I got home and found my coffee to be what looked like three-quarters cream and no sugar. Clearly, working at Tim Horton's does not require a degree of any kind. Sigh. There's nothing worse than expecting a nice, fresh cup of coffee, only to find you can't drink it because they messed it up. Ugh.

Mom is getting her puppykins soon. "Lucy" will be ready for pick up in a couple of weeks and I can't WAIT to meet her. Here is a photo of a Shi-Chon (or a Teddy Bear as they are sometimes called):

I mean SERIOUSLY people...how adorable is this puppy??? Although this photo is not THE actual puppy Mom is getting, you can see that it is very, very cute! Now I want one!

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Karin said...

LOL - too funny! I didn't know that using those three little letters meant that you weren't a Christian. I guess I'll have to go back and read your comments as well as your blog entries! LOL

I use it too, although I do mostly try and type "OMGosh".

Anyway, I say - - this is your blog and you can pretty much abbreviate things any way you want. So there!

Sorry about your coffee, I made an ice coffee for myself this morning and it was still a bit warm so I put it in the freezer to cool a bit before I left for work....yup, forgot it! Dang I missed that coffee this morning. Now I'll have a coffee popsicle when I get home. Anyway, I know how you feel about messing up the morning coffee! ;)

Hope your back is feeling better and that all your boys are giving you lots of love and will pamper you like crazy for awhile.

Dawn said...

Oh yes Karin...in some peoples' eyes, if you say OMG using a proper name as the "G" and I'm not talking about"Gary" or "Gord"...well let's say it's Gord without the "R", then you can't be a Christian.

In fact, some people believe that if you don't live according to THEIR rules of Christianity, well then you can't be a Christian.


My motto is "to each his own". Now if other people would get that through THEIR thick noggins, I'd be a happy camper.


I can't stand it when people do things anonymously. If you are a proud Christian and you want to call me out on something, don't hide...be proud! None of us are perfect...right?

kia (good enough mama) said...

OMG (Oh MYFECKING Goodness), you're serious? You had a crusader visit you and I missed it? Sheeesh!

Sorry to hear about your back. Feel better fast, ok?

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