Saturday, 21 February 2009

Oh the good old hockey game!

Middleman lost another game this morning, but he has one game tomorrow, which is the decider on whether he will go through to the quarter finals.

Boy Oneder's team played AMAZINGLY, however, the referees were horribly one-sided, calling ridiculous penalties on us, while ignoring blatent penalties for the other team and calling off one of our beautiful goals, but allowing an illegal goal for the other was VERY frustrating. In the end, the teams tied and any hopes of getting to the quarter-finals that begin tomorrow was reliant on a team that played at 6:00 losing...and lose they did!! Boy Oneder's team plays at 5:15 tomorrow night in the first game of the quarter-finals. SO exciting!

We had dinner at our good friends, Pat and Louie's house tonight. What a great couple they are and SUCH good cooks. They made tortellini in a cream sauce and veal parmesan...mmmmmm! Unfortunately, Threepeat slept for a very short time today and much earlier than usual, so he was exhausted by was I. We got home at 9:20 and he was out by 9:23! LOL.

I met my new "sister" today. Lucy joined our family this morning. She is a Shichon (Shizu/Bichon cross) and is absolutely ADORABLE. I will post a photo tomorrow because she is coming over for a visit with Mom!

And so, tomorrow *may* be my last hockey mom weekend for this season. I sure hope not...I love hockey SO much. I hope we make it for one more weekend! It would be nice to see one of the kids (especially Boy Oneder) make it to the finals.

So, overall, a GREAT day. I am wiped out and am heading off to bed...right after I read chapter three of "Eclipse"...LOL! Pin It

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