Friday, 6 February 2009

New Moon

I finished "Twilight" last night and was a bit concerned about having a few days between finishing it and receiving the three other books in the series. Amazon said 2-5 business days, so I was hoping it would be on the 2 side...and it WAS!

They arrived today and I am already finished chapter one. It is just as good as "Twilight" and once again, it is obsessing me. This is ridiculous. I am so caught up in these books! I haven't read anything in a long time and I must admit, I am loving it.

I will keep you posted on Bella and Edward as I get through the pages.

Hockey playoffs begin this weekend...we are guaranteed two games and then, if they win those games, they move on. Otherwise, it's over for another season. I'm hoping the "Bad News Bears", aka Boy Oneder's team, kicks some butt and turns it all around. Middleman's team is pretty good, so they should make it through to the next round. Time will tell.

We bought bunk beds yesterday for Middleman and Threepeat...currently, Threepeat still sleeps with Hubster and I, which is just the way we like it, but eventually, he will move to the bottom bunk in Middleman's room. Boy Oneder's old bed was a horrible, old twin that was awful to sleep on, so we knew we had to get something quick. He's growing and I'd hate to think that the mattress would cause him back troubles, so we moved on the bunk beds now, even though Threepeat isn't ready to go on his own just yet. So, Boy Oneder now has our old bedroom set with a nice comfy queen mattress and Middleman is sleeping on the top bunk in his room. The bottom bunk is a double and Boy Oneder has decided that he wants to try it out for tonight, so we will see if he actually goes back into his room tomorrow night...that bottom bunk is MIGHTY comfortable!!! ;o)

I will try to take some pictures once I buy some batteries for the camera.

I am meeting Karen for brunch tomorrow. She is SUCH a lovely person and I haven't seen her since July, the first time we met for our girls' weekend in Niagara Falls. She has painted a portrait of the boys and I can't wait to see the final product. She is SO talented. I will share a photo here once I have batteries for the camera.

Sunday, my dearest and oldest friend, Joanne, and her husband Ben and sweet kids, Robbie, Tori and Liv are coming for lunch. I have know Joanne since we were six years old and I always have such a nice time with her. We laugh like no one's business and always say we'll see each other more often, but she lives so far away and with our kids' hockey, ringette and basketball schedules, it's difficult to get together alot. Well, what we lack in quantity, we certainly make up for in quality!

I think that's all for today..."New Moon" is beckoning! Pin It

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