Monday, 16 February 2009

Happy Family Day

What a day. Family Day is a new holiday here in Ontario. It started last year, so this is the second time that Ontarians have been blessed with a long weekend in February. I used the term blessed loosely today.

It began very nicely with Threepeat waking me at 7:30 with hugs and kisses and the sun shining through the curtains. Hubster took him downstairs and let me sleep in until is huge peeps. Boy Oneder and Middleman had spent the night at Grandma`s house, so there was peace and quiet. Hubster and I took Threepeat to the park for half an hour because the weather was just so beautiful!

At 1:00, we met Mom and the boys at Taco Bell, where they were enjoying a nice lunch. We got the two older boys in the car and it all went downhill from there. Boy Oneder was a pre-teen NIGHTMARE today. A miserable, angry, sad, angry, nasty, angry, horrible, angry, mean...did I mention angry? SOB. He was rude, obnoxious, disrespectful and just plain horrible ALL day. He spent alot of time in his room, and for the first time, was kicking things and banging things.

To be completely honest, Hubster and I were at a loss on how to deal with him. The toddler years are NOTHING compared to pre-teen anger. Sigh. Yes, I am referring to the sweet, respectful, compassionate first born. Gosh, I miss that boy. Hubster ended up taking Middleman and Boy Oneder out to a movie tonight so that I could have a breather. It's been a nightmare day.

Threepeat has no voice...he's all squeaky and hoarse. Poor baby. He has a coldish thingy going on that just won't quit and won't turn into anything. He actually had a fever earlier this week, which was really scary because I was worried about another febrile seizure, which, thank God, hasn't happened again. But he's not eating or sleeping like usual, so something's going on. I'm hoping he feels better soon...nothing worse than seeing your baby sick. He is sound asleep (yes, it's 8:00) and I am praying the sleep will make him better.

Well, I think I will read some more of "New Moon" which is ALMOST as addicting as "Twilight" was...I'm ticked at the storyline, but I read through as quick as I can, hoping that it will twist the way I want it to! ;o) Pin It

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Limey Girl said...

Poor Julian again.... xo
Frankie...hmm I'm there, doing that, so I can understand but have no advice to offer :0(
New too, I'm skipping paragraphs cause it's just, well, boring...wth is Edward?
Ooops sorry I just swore...oh wait no I didn't, it's "where the heck"
Is that ok, not going to offend anyone am I?

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