Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fun times

Threepeat is no different this morning than he was yesterday. He threw up once in the night and had diarreah so bad that the bed was soaked. He's still not eating.

To add insult in injury, Middleman woke up at 2:00 and proceeded to vomit all over his bed. His vomitting and diarreah continued through the night, as he sat onthe toilet and puked into a garbage can. He is white as a ghost this morning and is crying with tummy pain.

I, too, have fallen victim and can't stay out of the washroom. No vomitting yet, but the other end is, for lack of a better term, very busy. I knew it was inevitable...caring for a flu-stricken toddler and cleaning up his bodily fluids can't be conducive to good health.

One thing I haven't mentioned up to this point is that we are booked on a flight to Florida at 6:00 am tomorrow morning. I hadn't mentioned it because Mom reads my blog and the trip was going to be a surprise. She is heading down to Florida today to stay with friends and we were going to show up on their doorstep to surprise her at some point during our 9 days there. I told her about the trip this morning because I wanted her advice and she agreed with me that Threepeat and Middleman should not be on a plane when they are this sick. Unfortunately, Hubster does not agree. He wants to get down there and then "the kids will feel better in the good weather".

I have made the executive decision to cancel my flight and that of Threepeat, Middleman and MIL and try to get a flight out on Sunday instead. I am praying that by then, they will both be a little better and that the plane ride won't kill them both.

MIL has graciously agreed to stay with me so that each of the boys has someone to tend their needs. Hubster and Boy Oneder will head down, get settled and hopefully, we will join them Sunday. I am just waiting to hear back from the travel agent.


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