Thursday, 19 February 2009

Feeling a bit better

My back is better...again, I sing the praises of a chiropractor...and my cold is getting better. I have a cough and the annoying "ahems", but definitely getting better.

I am about to begin Chapter 24, which is the final chapter before the Epilogue, of "
New Moon". Peeps, this book is 563 pages long. I started it twelve days ago!

Tonight, I will finish it up and move on to "Eclipse" either tonight or tomorrow. Next is "Breaking Dawn" and then I will begin Stephenie Meyer's new series, the first book of which is called, "The Host". I bought it last night, so that I am well-prepared.

Tomorrow, Hubster and I have taken a vacation day and will be taking the boys to the Car Show...snore. I guess it's my wifely duty to do the "guy" thing once in a while. I'm hoping it won't be as boring and painful as I think it will be.

How do you like my new blog layout? I got all the papers and elements from Here a Scrap, There a Scrap and put them all together myself in PSP. Like it? There are still a few little tweaks I want to do, like better spacing, but I like it overall. What do you think? Pin It

1 comment:

Karin said...

Love the new layout - - but I really liked the bees too. A car show? Really? Sounds to me like the perfect opportunity for a "Boy's Night Out" or a "Father & Sons" day! LOL
I think I would have tried to get out of that one. (Maybe by offering some other wifely duty ;)in exchange?)

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