Monday, 5 January 2009


As I type this post, Boy Oneder is reading a book to Threepeat. WOW! To Boy Oneder, books of ANY kind are kryptonite. This, my friends is blog-post-worthy.

My heart is warm, if only for a moment while Boy Oneder reads the riddle book, which is TOTALLY not for Threepeat's age. The best part is that as Boy Oneder reads each punchline, Threepeat giggles, as if he "gets it". LOL!!

OK...Boy Oneder just finished the book and Threepeat is saying, "Moah!" (more). Boy Oneder is gone to get another book!!!! HOLY MACKEREL PEEPS!!!! This is BIG!

Now, can I get Threepeat to sit still long enough to have Boy Oneder read, "Tale of Two Cities"? OK, OK...I know...I am pushing my luck. Pin It


Karin said...

Awww....what a sweetie. I hope you snapped a picture of that Hallmark moment. Sounds like they were enjoying their Big Bro/Little Bro time together.

goodmum said...

Sounds awesome! Nothing like a kid reading to make you wonder at the awesomeness, huh? I love it!

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