Sunday, 25 January 2009

Weekend? What weekend?


It's Sunday night at 9:05 pm. Did we even HAVE a weekend? Sigh. Between hockey, chores and birthday parties, my weekend plain disappeared!

Saturday went like this:

Middleman, hockey at 8:15...I took him because Hubster needs his beauty sleep...whatever.

11:00: shower and rush out to grocery store to buy lasagne ingredients.

12:32: Make lasagne from scratch...yes, I DO rock as a human being.

1:30: Clean boys' bathroom... NASTY.

1:45: load #32 of laundry.

2:00: sort and put laundry away.

2:45: leave for Jordanna's birthday party.

3:03: Arrive at Jordanna's birthday party.

4:45: Leave Jordanna's party for home.

5:15: Arrive home. Start dinner (rainbow trout and sweet potatoes with broccoli on the side)

6:30: Eat.

7:23: Load #456 of laundry.

8:00: Bathe Threepeat.

8:30: Lie down in bed with Threepeat.

8:32: Out cold.

Sunday morning:

5:30: Threepeat wakes me up for milk. Don't go back to sleep.

9:00: Leave for Middleman's hockey game.

10:45: Middleman loses 2-0...great game though.

11:30: Arrive home, drop off MIL and pick up lasagne.

12:15: Arrive at Mom's and put lasagne in oven to warm.

2:00: Eat lunch (BIL is late, as per you BIL)

3:48: Leave for home.

4:42: Go grocery shopping.

5:25: Get home and realize I forgot chips and dip for Middleman. Damn.

6:15: Back to grocery store for chips and dip (and rapini that is on sale for 99 cents)

6:30: Home in time for Hubster and Boy Oneder and MIL to leave for Boy Oneder's hockey game.

7:02: Playing with Threepeat and his cars.

7:42: Playing with Middleman on Wii Mario Kart.

8:00: Bathe Middleman and Threepeat.

8:29: Give chips and dip to Threepeat and Middleman.

9:02: Put on PJs.

9:05: Started this post.

9:14: Completed this post and dropped dead.

I need another weekend. Pin It

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