Thursday, 22 January 2009

Take from this what you will.

Last night, I had a dream.

Joanne has been on my mind ALOT lately, as I have previously mentioned, and I guess my subconscious knows that.

In my dream, I was talking to her. Here is the conversation, verbatum:

Me: "Did you feel the impact when you died?"

Joanne: "Well, yes and no. I felt the impact, but it was very quick and before I knew it, I felt my soul leave my body."

Me: "Was there any pain?"

Joanne: "No...none at all. I felt complete peace."

And I woke up.

You have NO idea how comforting this dream is for me. You have NO idea how comforting it will be for my Mom when I tell her tonight.

Spiritual visit? Just a dream? Who cares...I have peace now. Peace after nearly three years of anguish about whether she felt pain.

Thank God for answered prayers.
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Limey Girl said...

She came to you when you needed her most! xo

Anonymous said...

I recently read "The Shack" and there is a part where it infers that when one dreams of someone who has passed away, it is more like a visit from the one who has passed on. I like to think this is true.


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