Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Boy Oneder stayed home from school today because he has a cold. He's been staying up late, playing shinny hockey outdoors in minus 22 degree weather, he's had ALOT of homework lately and I guess it all just caught up with him. It's just your average run-of-the-mill cold, but I hope it stays that way.

Threepeat has a runny nose and is sneezing alot, so I guess he's next. Sigh.

We had a good run since Threepeat's febrile seizure before Christmas, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but MAN OH MAN I hate it when the kids are sick.

Moving to a more positive subject, Middleman came home with a 3+ on his math test and has worked REALLY hard on his project on Nova Scotia. The project is a brochure about the Province, including attractions, sports, natural resources and a famous person. He really has done a nice job and I am looking forward to seeing what the teacher thinks.

I am SO ready for spring. This snow has REALLY gotten me down and the colder than cold weather has made it even worse. Threepeat goes days and days without stepping outside because it's just too damned cold. He can't even enjoy the snow because it's too bitter cold. I feel so bad for him. He just watches tv all day long. MIL sometimes sits with him while he plays, but the tv is on all the time. I appreciate her watching him for us, but I really want him to be stimulated. I am thinking about putting him in a 2-3 morning a week program through the City in the spring. He needs interaction with other kids and that was proven today when he played all day with Boy Oneder. He needs more than a tv set to occupy him. I'll keep you posted on that. Pin It

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goodmum said...

I hate this part of winter where we're almost forced inside because of the cold. It's hard on us and harder on the kids.

I LOVE the new pic of the boys in your header. It's awesome! What a good-looking family. :)

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