Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Oil and water

As I have mentioned numerous times in my blogs, we have fan-effing-tastic neighbours. One of those neighbours is "M" & "J", who have a beautiful 5 year old daughter, "J" and two sweet twin boys, "F" and "S".

I consider them family, as I do with all of our neighbours...we are there for each other when we go away, need a last minute babysitter or a couple of eggs for a recipe. It's fantastic to have such close, caring neighbours.

We, however, have a dilemma. Threepeat and "S" are like oil and water. They fight constantly. "F" goes off playing on his own and "S" makes a beeline for Threepeat. Threepeat pushes him down, "S" grabs Threepeat's hair and then Threepeat clotheslines him. It's awful. They fight over toys and fight for attention ALL.THE.TIME. This summer is going to be a nightmare on our street. The biggest problem is that "F" and "S" are BRUISERS. They are nearly as big as Threepeat (even though Threepeat is a bruiser himself). When they get older, Threepeat will be facing TWO of them. Ugh.

"M" and I laugh it off now, but I just hope it doesn't come to REAL blows as they get bigger. It's just so weird how they are so in each others' faces. Pin It

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mapsgirl said...

As strange as this is going to sound, you need to teach them how to play with each other. One parent with each child showing them how to play nicely together. No yelling and not too many No's.

They do say boys will be boys, but at that age, then need to learn how to be nice.

Good luck!

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