Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My turn.

I am taking a vacation day to do my share of the Threepeat-caregiving. He had a great day with Hubster on Monday, a FANTASTIC time with my Mom today and tomorrow, it's my turn.

I am already fretting about what on EARTH we will do all day. It's too cold to be outside, but malls are full of germs and gross people. He's too young for a movie, too old for sleeping all day...oh dear...what is a mother to do???

I'm thinking we brave the mall in the morning (he has grown an inch in the last month and all his 2T pants are too small...time to move up to 3T...WTF?! He's only 20 months! Anyway, that will kill an hour or two. Then, we'll come home for lunch, play a little bit and then NAPTIME! The boys will be home at 3:10 and then, well, Bob's yer uncle...Hubster will be able to relieve me.

Whoever thought being a mother would entail actually caring for and entertaining your own child. Huh...go figure. Pin It

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