Tuesday, 27 January 2009

MORE snow.

OK. This is getting a little ridiculous. The news/weather forecasters are calling for a shitload of snow tomorrow. Crap. Of course, tomorrow, I have to go to Pickering to see a client. Crap.


We need more snow like Kate Moss needs to diet. We need more snow like Bill Gates needs a raise. Crap, we need more snow like Threepeat needs a baby brother.


I need sun. I need heat. I need a beach. I swear, I will never, ever complain about our hot summers again. Ever. Well, except in July when it's too hot to breathe. OK, not even then.




SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! Pin It


mapsgirl said...

It's only 10 more centimetres! That's nothing! Plus doesn't more snow equal more reason for the boys to play outside and give you more quiet?

goodmum said...

Oh, the last I heard, I thought they were saying around 5cm in the gta with the most amount falling south of the great lakes. :) I used to live in Pickering...

mapsgirl said...

You need a new post... though you might be north enough to miss this. But here in Halton region we're getting 25 cms!!!



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