Friday, 16 January 2009

I have most certainly been rocked.

What a GREAT show We Will Rock You was!! Great costumes, fantastic music, amazing dancers/actors/singers, a cute, albeit corny, storyline and two HOT actors...hubba hubba.

I'll start with the hot actors, because, please, I know that's what you would skip to anyway. Yvan Pedneault plays the lead character, "Galileo Figaro". He is I'm probably old enough to be his mother, but man oh MAN is he hot.

The other hot actor is Danny Balkwill. OMG girls...he was born in 1976, so he IS legal, but he got married last year. Boo. He played "Burton", who had ripped jeans, right in front, with red undies on. Yummorama.


The short sinopsis is that in the year 2300, the Killer Queen destroys all the instruments on the Planet Mall and kids must listen to music that can be downloaded. There is a group of "Bohemians" who are rebelling and want to play their own music. Galileo falls in love with Scaramouche and yada yada. There were lots of jokes that were funny for both adults and kids and as I mentioned, the music was incredible. I mean who doesn't love Queen?

We had third row seats, which were PERFECT. Middleman rocked out to "We are the Champions" and Boy Oneder loved "We Will Rock You". My favourite part was at the end, when we all sang, "Bohemian Rhapsody" together.

Freaking.Awesome.Show. Now go buy tickets before the show is gone. It's worth it. Pin It

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