Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Today was my day to care for Threepeat. Wow...who knew it would be so exciting!!??

I went over to the plaza in my 'hood to pick up my prescription (and some wine...nice combo) anyhoo....I pulled into the plaza and was quickly sandwiched between two police cars (in the driveway to the plaza). Long story short, there was a bank robbery in the plaza and I was RIGHT in the middle of it all!! After a couple of minutes, the cop in front of me BARRELLED it out from his spot and the cop behind me reversed so quickly he did a donut and I was left stranded in the driveway!

There had to be at LEAST 40 police cars in the parking lot as I gingerly drove into the parking lot to get my meds.

Turns out that the Scotiabank in the plaza was in the midst of a robbery and the bad guys were still in the area. This was at about 1:30.

At 3:00, the bell rang for the boys to be dismissed from school and as I looked out my back window, no kids were being released. All the blinds at the school were closed and there was complete silence as the parents/grandparents/caregivers awaited the kids' dismissal. Lockdown. The Chief of Police issued a code red, which meant that all schools were in lockdown one got in or out of the school until the Chief of Police okayed it. The kids are supposed to be dismissed at 3:00, but today, dismissal was at 3:25.

Anyway, rumour has it that they caught the bad guys, armed no less, on the main street that meets my subdivision...nice.

Gotta watch CP24 tonight for all the deets.

Man, I have an exciting life!

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Karin said...

So....what did you and the boy do today other than playing cops and robbers??

goodmum said...

Wow! That IS an exciting day. :)

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