Sunday, 18 January 2009

He shoots, he scores, they WIN!!!

Boy Oneder's team played a phenomenal game tonight. They beat the #1 team in the league 5-3. Yes folks, you read that right...they WON A GAME!

Boy Oneder scored the second goal, and what a gorgeous goal it was! The game was action packed and SO exciting to watch. The thrill on the kids' faces in the dressing room after the game was just priceless. I LOVE it.

This team has come so, so far. Hubster has worked extremely hard with them and it really is paying off. They play SO well together now, almost reading what their teamates are going to do before they do it. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Playoffs, here we come! GO YELLOW!!

On another note, Middleman only played for the last 10 minutes of his game...he forgot his helmet at home and Hubster had to go back to get it just before the game started. He was devastated and SO embarrassed. Hubster wanted to punish him further for being irresponsible, but I think he had a little pity on him when he saw how upset he was. His team lost miserably today. They played really well, but the other team's goalie was a ROCK!

I love being a hockey mom. Pin It

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