Monday, 5 January 2009

Good luck Dad!

Hubster is parenting Threepeat today...NOT babysitting, as he would describe it...he is PARENTING.

MIL has gone on her annual trek to Atlantic City, to give her yearly donation to the casino. She is gone until late Wednesday night, so we had to make alternate arrangements for his care during the day...the evening care will alway fall into my lap because, well, I am his mother and his father needs "downtime". But I digress...

So, Hubster has complete care of Threepeat today. He has asked me for a grocery list (not because he is husband of the year and wants to help me out by doing the groceries) so that he can kill an hour this morning. He also plans to go to Home Depot to get a replacement light bulb for the kitchen fixture that has been out for DAYS and some no-salt salt stuff for the sheet of ice that is my front path. Then, it'll be lunchtime and then, Hubster's FAVOURITE time of the day....NAPTIME, wherein he will enjoy two hours of sound sleep with his littlest boy.

Tomorrow, Grandma is watching him for us and then Wednesday, I have taken a vacation day, so that I can do my part.

Good luck today'll need it. HAHAHA! Pin It

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