Friday, 23 January 2009

Feeling a little SICK.


We had Swiss Chalet for dinner tonight and now, I am regretting every bite.

It was SO yummy as I ate it, but like every other time I have Swiss Chalet, I now have stomach ache and I am SO thirsty...damn they use alot of salt.

But seriously, Swiss Chalet ROCKS. I don't think my Yankee friends are lucky enough to have Swiss Chalet, so here is a link to it >>> Swisschalet? OK!

Anyway, I am suffering for my indulgence in a quarter chicken white with fries. Maalox is my new BFF. Hmmm...maybe the fact that one of the first people I looked at this morning was Gay Gaykin. I must admit that my tummy hasn't been right since that sight. Ugh. Ew.

On another note, I am mad at my iPod. I was lying in bed just now, chilling out, listening to my tunes when, right in the middle of "Comfortably Numb", she died. Caput. No warning, no light flashing to advise me that she was in need of a charge, she just plain quit. Damn. I had listened to Neil Diamond's "Song Sung Blue" and "Play Me" and was quite enjoying my little dose of Pink Floyd and was rudely interrupted. Sigh. Note to self: Recharge iPod battery once in a while.

We have a busy weekend ahead. I am making a HUGE homemade lasagne tomorrow in preparation for Rebekah's 10th birthday celebration at my Mom's on Sunday. There will be ten of us, so it will be one BIGASS lasagne. Mom ordered an ice cream cake with a horse on it, so Rebekah will be thrilled. Hockey will fill the time in between household chores and before I know it, it will be Monday. Monday of an extremely busy week for me at work. But, today is to my bed I go, iPodless, but very tired and ready for sleep. Night all!

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