Monday, 15 December 2008

To the doctor, to the doctor...

to find out for sure...

Home again, home again with a cause and a cure.

FINALLY, I think we have found the cause of Threepeat's high fever...strep throat.

It struck me last night that neither the ER doctor, nor the on call doctor yesterday look at his throat. Very weird, considering that the three most common places for infection are chest, ears and throat, right?

Anyway, I took him in to our doctor this morning, who I absolutely ADORE, and he again checked his chest and ears and declared them "crystal clear". Then, he took out his trusty "popsicle stick" and looked in Threepeat's throat.

"WOW!" he says.

"What?" I ask.

"That throat is NASTY! His tonsils are HUGE and there is pus literally dripping from the back of his throat!"

I told him that no one had checked his throat and he was shocked. He couldn't believe it.

He took a throat swab (just for his mind it is definitely strep) and gave us a prescription for Zithromax). He had his first dose half an hour ago.

I'm really ticked. If that ER doctor had looked at his throat, chances are, she would have seen that it looked bad, taken a swab and we could have had him on antibiotics for three days now. He wouuld be back to normal. Even if yesterday's doctor had looked, at least he would be on day two of antibiotic treatment today.


My doctor said his fever will probably still fluctuate for a couple of days, but he should be feeling better by Wednesday.

Come onnnnnnnnn Wednesday!!

Instead, my poor baby has suffered through a weekend (and so have I). Pin It

1 comment:

JennT said...

poor little guy (and poor you!) Hopefully he's feeling better soon. And that you can get some well-deserved rest, too.

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