Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The story of the boots.

Every year, I buy the kids a new pair of boots. Not only do their feet (and everything else) grow like weeds, but by the end of winter, their boots look like they've been through a war.

Last year, I found a pair of boots for each of them for a STEAL. Really thick, thermal, warm, waterproof winter boots for $29.99 a pair. I grabbed them baby! I bought them a size too big and put them away for this winter.

Today is December 10th.

Last night, when Middleman came home from school, his feet were SOAKED. He had been playing outside in the snow/icy puddles and his feet looked like raisins. His waterproof boots weren't so waterproof afterall.

This morning, when Middleman was getting ready for school, I checked the inside of his boots and they were still soaked. I had them upside down on one of the heating vents all night, but they were still wet.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to get new boots for Boy Oneder because his feet grew TWO sizes this year, so I had stored his old (new) boots in the basement for Middleman next year. I went downstairs to get them, thinking about how smart I was for keeping them for Middleman, but couldn't find them. MIL, being the Saint that she is, cleaned out an area of the basement last week and gave alot of old coats and shoes to charity...including Boy Oneder's old (new) boots. It is TOTALLY my fault, because I told her to get rid of it all, not mentioning Boy Oneder's old (new) boots. Sigh.

So, poor Middleman went to school this morning with plastic bags wrapped around his feet in his gross, smelly, wet boots. He was SO upset because everyone would "think I am a loser with these stupid bags on my feet!" Poor guy.

So, at 9:45, I headed off to Walmart to get him a new pair of winter boots. He comes home for lunch, so he could wear the new ones this afternoon.

Today is December 10th...we are still in the fall season. Winter hasn't officially started yet.

Walmart's shelves are stacked with lovely SUMMER shoes. There were two rows of and a half of which were girls' boots and the other half a row were toddler/little guy boots. There was a half a row of mens' boots, but the smallest size was 10. He has big feet, but mens' size 10 would have been a TAD BIT too big.

I was really pissed at this point.

I left with my head down, wondering what the hell I was going to do. As I got into my car, I noticed a "Payless Shoes" sign out of the corner of my eye. GOLDEN! I drove across the parking lot.

The lady at Payless was lovely and took me straight to the boys' size 6 section. There they were...a pair of black siz 6 winter boots. SAAAWEET!

"How much?" I asked.

"Oooh...let me have a look...$59.99."

"GULP. Oh my God...that's alot of money. Do you have any others?"

"Hmmm..." (looks around) "No...sorry."

"Crap." I explained the whole bag on the feet story, especially the Walmart summer shoes part and said I had no choice but to take them.

$67.00 later, I was on my way home with brand spanking new boots for Middleman.

Eff word. I don't even remember the last time I spent $67.00 on a pair of boots for MYSELF, let alone my still-growing 9-year old son.

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mapsgirl said... frustrating.

Next time he comes home with his boots that wet, stuff them with old newspapers to soak up the water. You might have to change the paper a few times to get all the water, but it will at least make the boots "damp" before putting them on the heating vent.

I hope the $67 boots are must more waterproof for that price.

kia (good enough mama) said...

Argh. I totally get this. Little Man has incredibly thick feet (like his mommy) and it's very hard to find shoes that fit over his thick feet. Know what brand fits? GE-fecking-OX. Yeah. He's 4 and he's already had more money spent on shoes than I've had in my entire almost 35 years. This is wrong. Very, very wrong.

JennT said...

Yes, got to love "Payless". I had to get both my kids winter boots there this year, because what was at Walmart did not fit Paige and I happened to hit there on a BOGO half off sale, so I got Amber's there too. $75 for two pair of boots, I faired a bit better than you but not much.

Here's hoping they have dry feet for the winter!

goodmum said...

come on! come over and try to win one of my giveaways... ;)

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